Two Giraffes Struck Dead by Lightning at a Florida Wildlife Park

Two giraffes have recently lost their lives after they were struck by lightning, an unfortunate incident with a "billion-to-one" chance of happening.

The animals, 10-year-old Lily and one-year-old Jioni, were killed at the Lion Country Safari in Florida, a wildlife park located around 20 miles west of West Palm Beach.

According to a Facebook post shared by the Lion Country Safari, the giraffes were not related and their deaths were instantaneous, which means that they did not suffer.


The post revealed that the two giraffes were in their habitat when a severe thunderstorm formed and that they had access to several shelters.

Prior to Lily and Jioni's deaths, the park had 20 giraffes and their loss was deeply felt by their keepers, as well as the rest of the Lion Country Safari team.

The statement also read:

"Out of respect for their mourning and the pending pathology results, we waited to share this information. We continue to mourn our two incredibly lovely and charismatic giraffes; they will both be sorely missed."


Haley Passeser, a spokeswoman for the Lion Country Safari park, shared that Lily stood between 14 and 16 feet tall, while Jioni, being much younger, was between 10 and 12 feet.

So far, it isn't clear whether the exotic animals were killed by a single lightning bolt or two separate ones, but it has been reported that their bodies were found near each other.

Their deaths were instantaneous

Passeser explained that the park is currently investigating the case and looking for ways they can improve the safety and well-being of the animals.


Although it is rare, people and animals are sometimes struck by lightning and only a few are lucky enough to survive. Isaiah Cormier, who was camping with his girlfriend Juliet Moore, was one of the lucky ones.

The teenager was struck by lightning during a storm, and if it wasn't for Moore's quick thinking, he would have died on the spot. After finding him unresponsive on the ground, the girl was able to bring him back with CPR.

With the help of a fellow camper and his son, Cormier was rushed to the nearest hospital, where he was told that the lightning did not hit any of his internal organs.

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