Markiplier: The Tragedies That Made Him Step Away from YouTube for a While

Edduin Carvajal
Jun 14, 2019
09:14 A.M.

Mark Fischbach, the YouTuber and Internet personality best known as Markiplier, is one of the most successful creators of content in the platform. However, he underwent two difficult situations that made him take breaks from his channel.


Markiplier, 28, has been publishing his content on YouTube since 2012. Even though he is primarily focused on games usually in the horror and indie genre, he has also released some sketch comedy clips that have attracted a lot of attention.



During an interview Markiplier had with Wired, he revealed the moment he realized that his channel was special and that people enjoyed his content.

After revealing that his first channel was banned because YouTube thought he was abusing AdSense even though it was not monetized, Markiplier said that he lost about 2,000 subscribers.


After the platform eliminated his channel, he created another one and uploaded a video asking people to subscribe again.

“And they did. Six hundred people followed. That´s when I knew that I had something special. That people were going to be by my side. That was just a really important time in my channel,” Mark added.



During the same interview, Markiplier talked about a couple of medical situations he had to take care of. First, he mentioned a tumor he had in his adrenal gland that was removed through surgery even before he became a YouTube star.

His second surgery, however, took place when his channel was already famous. He had scar tissue adhered to his intestines, and doctors removed it in an operating room.



Even though Mark has constantly been uploading new videos to his channel, he has experienced some very difficult tragedies that made him step away from YouTube for a while.

One of the first and most notorious times he took a two-week hiatus was in September 2015, when his close friend, Daniel Kyre, died. Mark and Daniel started their friendship through YouTube as they initially got together to collaborate on projects, but eventually became so close that they even became roommates.


Unfortunately, Daniel, best known for the group Cyndago, tried to kill himself on September 16, 2015, and, due to irreversible brain damage, he was taken off of life support only two days later.

“An incredible musician. A perfectionist to the extreme. A great friend. Daniel, I miss you more than words can say and I never had the proper chance to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you. How much I enjoyed learning from you. How much I enjoyed spending time with you. I hope you knew,” Mark wrote on Facebook about his friend’s death.



Unfortunately, it was not the only time Markiplier stopped uploading videos due to the passing of someone close to him. On June 19, 2018, his 19-year-old niece, Miranda Cracraft, died in a car crash.

About 30 minutes after learning what had happened and in tears, he took to YouTube to tell his audience that he had to cancel a streaming video that was scheduled because of Miranda’s passing.


Soon later, he uploaded a video with Miranda’s father, Mike, who thanked Mark’s followers for all the prayers, which “are what have helped me and my wife get through these last few days.”

Finally, Markiplier also thanked everyone saying that “the feeling that I get when I know that you guys are willing to support me through thick and thin, it’s an indescribable feeling.”



Thanks to his success, Markiplier teamed up with another YouTuber known as Jacksepticeye to create a clothing brand called Cloak.

The first time Mark talked about it, he said that it was intended to be “subtle” and that the idea behind the brand was to be “hidden in plain sight.”


Unfortunately, Cloak received a lot of criticism as it was perceived as too pricey for “uninteresting-looking clothing,” as hoodies were being sold at $80 and shirts at about $35.

Despite all the backlash they got (other YouTubers made videos making fun about it), their project is still running.



The YouTube star has been dating Any Nelson, a graphic designer and animator also known as Peebles on the Internet, since 2015. Even though she has appeared in a Markiplier’s “Try Not To Laugh” video and in many more live-action ones, they only made it official in 2016 when they attended the VidCon together.

Apart from that, she confirmed their relationship on Twitter by posting a picture of the couple posing together with the caption, “oh jeez.”

At the moment, his channel has almost 24 million subscribers, which places him at the 28th spot in the list of YouTubers in the US, as reported Social Blade.

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