17-Year-Old Student Reportedly Faints and Dies during Summer Workout in Georgia

In Georgia, a teenage student suddenly fainted while she was doing summer workouts. Minutes after, she was pronounced dead. 

Elyse Purefoy was part of her high school’s dance team, and her unexpected demise happened while she was working out alongside her teammates.

While speaking in an interview with Channel 2 Action News, her father, Hank Purefoy disclosed that Elyse had only been a senior at the DeKalb County, high school when she died. 

The beautiful girl was reportedly running on the school's track when she suddenly fell and became unconscious. In a hurried state, witnesses alerted paramedics who rushed the youngster to the DeKalb Medical Center where the emergency medical team pronounced her dead. 

The Purefoy family and the entire school aren't taking Elyse’s death very well. The bereaved family even recalled that Elyse’s never had any health issues and was happy and bouncy much like every other 17-year-old and in fact, her mother is a known nutritionist. 

All of that has made Elyse’s untimely demise a very unexpected and mysterious one. Hank Purefoy disclosed that authorities are still investigating the cause and manner of her death. To eliminate doubts that it might have been excessive physical exertion that resulted in Elyse’s death, Hank went on saying that had completed a sports physical before participating in the training. 

Her brother, Malik Purefoy, curiously predicted that two things might have caused Elyse’s death; one, that she either had a heart problem and second, that Elyse had been "severely" dehydrated. 

While the inquiries are still going on, many have come forward to share their condolences for the bereaved family. On Monday, June 10, the close friends and family of Elyse gathered outside her home in Stone Mountain, as they mourned her tragic demise. The large group honored the teenager by coming out to say words about her. 

Most of Elyse's close relations have now chosen to focus more on the little she was able to achieve in the short time she spent with them. The beautiful teen was involved in several activities, all of which integrated her into her school community. Elyse was a vital part of the cheerleading squad, and was a rather promising student, having had a 3.9-grade point average. 

Elyse's death is a rather distressing one, especially with the fact that affirmative reports about the cause are yet to be published. With her story fast becoming popular, messages and gifts are pouring into the Purefoy's home as many share their condolences.