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Bobby Darin's Son Once Revealed How His Dad 'Knew He Wouldn’t Live Long'

Joe Akins
Jun 14, 2019
04:53 P.M.
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Bobby Darin unexpectedly passed away at 37! However, his one son, Dodd Darin, revealed that the legendary star always knew his life was going to be a short one. 


Darin had a perfect life; he had a famous beautiful wife and a lovely son. His career was successful with his singing earning him several awards and accolades from critics.


However, that happy aura of the family of three wasn't to last forever and the couple divorced after just six years of marriage. Darin's death is one that was a big blow to the entertainment industry.

Darin's death came sometime in the early 70s when his heart failed beyond repair. While many deemed it unexpected and rather tragic, the entertainer’s son, Dodd revealed that Darin always knew he wouldn't live long. 

Dodd, who is now well past his fifties, once authored a memoir titled “Dream Lovers” and it was there he recalled growing up being Darin and Sandra Dee's only child.


There were numerous reports of Darin's extremely carefree lifestyle as many related that the star was a bully and a womaniser. In his “Dream Lovers” book, Dodd didn't write as many would have expected and only told his film stories quite candidly. 

In the book, he detailed that even as a child, he was aware of the extreme lifestyle his father lived as he verbally abused Dee and before marrying her, engaged in sexual escapades with his stepfather. Despite that, the author also disclosed that he was also able to see and read into his father's vulnerability.


According to Dodd, Darin's greatest weakness was his failing heart which had become weakened after a rheumatic fever episode. Dodd said:

“My father knew he wouldn’t live long. He was trying to pack a lifetime of ambition into what little time he had.”

Throughout his life, Darin suffered from poor health. He was always sickly while growing up and he had rheumatic fever at eight, which kept recurring, thus causing notable damage to his heart.

He continuously had heart surgeries, and efforts to get him to recover from the complicated procedures were a rather big blow to his overall health.


It was therefore always apparent to Darin that he had very little time to spend among the living. That alone makes it no wonder that he lived as recklessly as he could while getting as much fun as possible.

Till date, Darin’s legendary works still have many referring to him as one of the pioneers of Rock and Roll. May his soul rest in peace.