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Dad Gets Roasted for Sharing that He 'Doesn't Want His Son' Anymore

Odette Odendaal
Jun 17, 2019
11:49 A.M.
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An online discussion about parenting went viral when a divorced father admitted that he regretted “fighting this hard” for his son after a bitter split from his ex.


In a post on June 16, 2019, an unnamed man had reached the end of his rope regarding the situation with his son.

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After a “horrible falling out,” the man’s ex took his son away from him after she accused him of domestic violence. “I fought tooth and nail to be award joint legal/physical custody. She made the process harder by marrying into money and law enforcement, but in the end, I got what I wanted,” he wrote.

Although he had made some headway, the real problems began when his ex started forcing their son to call his stepfather “dad.”

She began excluding him from appointments and notification lists at school, and “brainwashed” their son into thinking that because of financial status, the stepfather is a better person than him. “My son is eight now, and he doesn’t care about me and frankly treats me bad,” the man added.


Because of his ex’s lies and manipulations, the man said that his son prefers being around his stepfather as he wrote, “He’s told me he doesn’t love me/ not supposed to love me because his mom threatens to take her love away from him; and has to love SD or no gifts/vacations.”

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After all the physical, emotional, and financial support the man gave to his son, apart from all the opportunities he had to give up, the man feels like it is all in vain.

“He always looks miserable around me, and he doesn’t appreciate anything I give him because to him, it’s always a comparison (SD/mom got him something better). And as much as it pains me to say, I regret fighting this hard for him. People say it’ll get easier, but it’s not,” the man wrote.

In March 2017, another father, who found himself in the same situation, spoke out about his eventual decision to cut all ties with his child.

John constantly fought with his manipulative ex-wife to see his child, but even the little time he did get over weekends caused “a wound that never heals.” Eventually, John said he reached a crossroads.


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While some men commit suicide and others give into the anger against the ex’s, there are those who sacrifice happiness while they continue the neverending battle with the ex.


For the sake of his child and everyone involved, John chose the remaining option. “The fourth way is to simply give up, and decide that the cost to the child through seeing the conflict, and to oneself, is too high. In the end, I walked away from all contact with my child more than two years ago,” John wrote.

When parents decide to separate, children often get caught in the middle. In a related story, Kim Basinger shed some light on how their daughter, Ireland, got affected by her divorce from Alec Baldwin.

After a marriage of eight years, Kim filed for a divorce in 2001, which ended with a nasty custody battle over Ireland.