Kodi Lee’s Mother Opens up about Why She Cried at Her Son's AGT Performance

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jun 17, 2019
06:42 P.M.
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Kodi Lee, who blew everyone away on "America's Got Talent" recently, sat down for an interview to talk about the amazing performance that left his mom in tears. 


In May on "America's Got Talent" (AGT), Kodi walked on to the stage helped by his mother Tina. Kodi, who is blind and autistic, had a huge surprise in store for the judges and the audience. 

His jolting performance was also a shock for his mother, even though she's heard him sing several times before. She spoke to "Extra" host Tanika Ray about what happened. The video is found below. 


Kodi, 22, sang Donny Hathaway's "A Song For You" while playing the piano. It earned him a golden buzzer from the show's newest host, Gabrielle Union, who later explained why she chose Kodi for her first golden buzzer.

Speaking to Ray, mom Tina explained that Lee had already sung at several venues before he came onto AGT in late May. In fact, she said she was a bit "hardened" by the number of times she heard him sang before. 


However, this time was different. She explained: 

"He actually shocked me too that day. As I put him at the piano and as I walked away, so he started those notes. It actually — it started making me cry." 

According to the proud mother, Kodi "is always stepping up" depending on the venue. When AGT came around, Tina wondered to herself where that incredible voice was coming from. 


Both Tina and Ray agreed that Lee fed off the "sound, the people, the audience," and most importantly, "the energy" of that audience. Tina did not see it coming. 

During the interview, Kodi showed off his dance moves as the host and the crowd behind them cheered him on. Kodi and his mother didn't reveal what they have planned for their next appearance on AGT. 

According to his official website, Kodi began singing at just two years old. In addition to his amazing talent, he has an audio photographic memory, allowing him to recall music after only listening to it once. 


He can regurgitate music in perfect pitch and is able to sing a variety of genres. He performs locally at restaurants, wineries, and for events, but AGT has been his biggest stage yet. 

Thanks to the show, tons of people were inspired by the musical autistic prodigy. NBC reported that over 300 million people have watched the video online.

Kodi's immediate reaction to the praise he received from the judges was of extreme happiness. Still, he said he "expected" to get the golden buzzer that Union gave him. Clearly, he has tons of confidence in his abilities. 


As he should. It allowed him to reach out to others and touch many hearts. From first performing at Disneyland at the age of six to singing on one of the biggest stages of entertainment television, Kodi is moving mountains.

Oprah Winfrey was among many celebrities who congratulated Kodi on his talent.  Judge Simon Cowell said it would stay with him forever. Viewers can catch Kodi's next performance in August during the live shows.