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Tamar & Traci Braxton May Be Feuding Again as They Unfollow Each Other on IG

Monica Otayza
Jun 19, 2019
07:10 A.M.
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Tamar Braxton is at odds with one of her sisters yet again, and this time they've decided to cut each other out even on social media by unfollowing one another. 


It's Tamar vs. Traci Braxton this time around, and they've decided to extend their feud to social media rather than just keeping the fight between themselves. This fight between them has been going on for years, but there were instances wherein they put aside their differences and stayed civil. 


A Tainted Relationship

Now, however, it seems that the fight started to build up once again, and this time might be permanent. 

Recently, "Braxton Family Values" aired a heated exchange between the two sisters, where Tamar cut their vacation short and Traci ran after a cameraman. 


In fact, after such a troublesome couple of months for Tamar, her boyfriend David Adefeso made an announcement on Twitter regarding his girlfriend's intent to keep drama out of her life. 


Unfortunately for them, it seems drama follows the Braxton family everywhere, and now she is back to being in bad terms with her sister. 

A Lonely Dinner

Last year, Tamar was visibly upset after she prepared dinner for her closest family and friends. However, none of them ended showing up. 

On Instagram, she ranted about going to the grocery herself to buy food for her family, but none of them showed up except her sister Toni.


"Mind you, I've been working ALL day too!! I was at the gym at 6:30am, AND took Beans to see "The Incredibles" (which was REALLY good btw)... This is my LAST time doing all this and no one comes!! My [expletive] falls for it EVERYTIME!! Wth is wrong with my DESPERATE [expletive]!!! Maaaaannnn.... This is why I don't... nevermind. it don't matter..."

Braxton prepared barbecue pot roast, string beans, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, alfredo shrimp, rice, her grandma's yams, but her family ended up not showing up because they were "working." 

Tamar made sure to let people know that that would be the last time she would be doing something like that, as it hurt her a lot.

It seems her scars just haven't healed from the past, as she's been hurt by her family so many times, which results in even more recent feuds with them.