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'Living Single' Showrunner Reveals Why Maxine Shaw Was Almost Axed from Show

Oyin Balogun
Jun 23, 2019
06:34 A.M.
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The TV drama “Living Single” was one of its best in its time, thanks to its well thought out and captivating content. The series is uniquely captured to share the lives of four single African American women.  


However, the creator of this drama, Yvette Lee Bowser, has come out to talk about how one of the characters known as Maxine Shaw was to be ruled off the show by the producers.


In a recent appearance, Yvette shared the behind the scenes story which could have led to a trajectory, if she hadn’t withstood her ground.

She happened to be the content creator who was involved with the scripting of characters, but one of her characters called Maxine nearly didn’t pass to be featured on the play. She referred to this when asked about the peculiar moments in her career.


Maxine Shaw also referred to as Maxine the Maverick, was a certified lawyer, who was dedicated to her duties. As an African American, she set the standards high for other younger generations and served as a role model.

Erika Alexander, the star actor who played Maxine, even confirmed that the role was life-changing as she has had fans walk up to appreciate her character, and call her an inspiration.


The show which had a remarkable audience due to its cast members had four women playing vital roles, and if any of them was removed, it might have resulted in a disaster. Yvette stated that Maxine’s competitiveness and what she stood for was a bit of a problem for the producers. In her words:

“I’d have to say that the moment that I felt unseen in this business was also kind of pivotal and career-defining moment for me. And it was that moment when I got my first set of notes on the first show I created, “Living Single.” And they wanted me to remove the character of Maxine Shaw from the show because she was unapologetically Black and female and fierce, and all of the things that, if I wasn’t at that time, I wanted to be ultimately."


"And I knew that would be a powerful force in the world…our art is activism. I was told to take the character out of the show to get the show picked up. I stood my ground, and said to take Maxine Shaw out of the show meant is to take a big part of me out of the show, and I’d rather not do the show,” she added.


Yvette’s dexterity sure kept the character on the show. it is not a surprise that her complete readiness to work, and devotion to bring her A-game on, recently bagged her a deal with Lions gate productions, where she will develop contents, and produce for the network.

She is also the producer of several TV dramas, such as, “Blackish,” “Dear White People,” and also, “Two and A Half Men.”