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Carrie Underwood’s Cheese Sculpture Looks Tasty, but Fans Think the Eyes Are a ‘Little Scary’

Comfort Omovre
Jun 24, 2019
12:02 P.M.
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Recently, the delectable songstress, Carrie Underwood posted a picture of her crafted in cheese, and while it looks sumptuous and commendable, fans have just more than enough things to say about it!


Art pieces are usually beautiful and appreciated, especially when they are genuinely crafted in recognition of a person. 


A current tweet from the “Jesus Take the Wheel” crooner revealed a 40 lbs cheese-sculpture of the artiste made in her honour in Wisconsin, and the kind gesture sways her.

In her tweet, she shared the details of the piece, and also opened up about just excited she was. She wrote:

“The @fiservforum outdid themselves tonight! This is me…carved into a 40 lb block of Wisconsin cheese in honour of our show here in Milwaukee! I’m speechless!#CryPrettyTour#WheresTheWine.”


This recognisable piece got her fans swirling in different kinds of comment; most of them commended the artwork, while a few others thought the concept was okay but a little eerie. @maddkat57 wrote

“cool yet the eyes are a little scary."


Also, @Katie_rackyleft tweeted

“This is absolutely terrifying"


The mother of two sure thought the art to be incredible; she nibbled a few bites, as she is currently on tour and would like to keep a healthy stomach. The singer is also a vegan, so it was not much of a bad idea to dig into “herself.”

According to a fellow friend on tour, the actress stated a couple of times that she is a vegan, and would not budge if she encounters butter or muffin in her menu.

Asides the lots of work and commitment to her job, the 36-year-old shared just how much of a fantastic time she’s having on her “CryPrettyTour,” especially since she’s with the whole pack, her husband, Mike Fisher,  her toddler son, Isaiah, and infant baby, Jacob.


The superstar, however, claimed that having to handle her baby could be a bit challenging. In her interview, she said:

“I must be a duck, like, calm on the surface and paddling like crazy underneath. It’s definitely a different ballgame because he’s so much younger than Isaiah was when I took him on the road. There’s a huge difference, four-month 11 days.”


The country star is set to continue her tour across other continents in the tail end of the year, and she may just be having the full house on the road again. She said to People how admirable her littlest chap is, in her words:

“He’s just this perfect little bundle of a smiley guy.” 

Hopefully, Carrie continues to enjoy her tour with her family!