Carrie Underwood Gets Candid about How It Feels to Be on Tour with Two Kids

Gracious Egedegbe
Jun 13, 2019
09:48 A.M.
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The award-winning singer, Carrie Underwood opens up about what having the boys with her on her "Cry Pretty" tour is like.


The mother of two revealed just how tasking it is to have the kids on board with her. Four-year-old Isaiah and three-month-old baby Jacob seem to always have their needs which she tries to attend to.


According to information garnered by Pop culture, the pop star happens to be at the beck and call of her newborn who wakes up to eat every night. She also talked about one time Isaiah was on tour with her as an eleven-month-old baby.

"I must be a duck, calm on the surface by paddling like crazy underneath. It's definitely a different ball game, because Jacob's much younger than Isaiah the first time I took him on the road. There's a huge difference between four month and 11 months. I wasn't feeding Isaiah in the middle of the night. It's like he knows when I have a really busy morning or a ton of stuff to do the next day, because that's the night that he's going to be up like four or five times, like last night."


She, however, acknowledged that her kids are a bigger part of her life and that getting them involved in her music career and tour is one of the best things to have happened to her.

"My work and life kind of collide together and it just makes for a big wonderful mess."

Carrie stated that her toddler son, Isaiah is getting acquainted with her career.

"He's kind of realizing what I do, which is pretty cool."


Her bond with Isaiah is super priceless! In a tweet, the mother of two shared the nickname he gave her and thinks it is laughable. The message read:

"My own kid just called me Carefree Underwear. This is simply elementary school all over again."

On another occasion, when her makeup artist was getting her all set, Isaiah blurted out that she should not apply makeup because he admires her in her natural state. This must have lightened her heart!


Known for her expertise on chords, and outstanding performances, the delectable music star brought on stage, legendary musician, Joan Jett at the Nissan stadium for the CMA Fest. Carrie claimed that her stars align with Joan's and that she enlisted her appearance so that some of the "coolness rubs off."

The songstress was overjoyed she stood side by side with an iconic figure which she admired so much. She said:

"The more I got to know and see how much of a trailblazer she was, for not just women in her genre of music, but women in music in general, I'm a fan on every level. Personally, professionally, musically, it's an honor that she has heard my name before and agreed to come sing with me."


Apart from being dedicated to her profession, she is also a mom that likes to put the house in order! She has also tried to be in shape with her regular gym visits after she gave birth to her second son.

Although, Carrie Underwood has had two miscarriages in a year nothing beats her excitement in her joy of motherhood. She further claimed that she would love to have a larger family, but will adopt in the future, when her kids are older.

Whether it's work or home, glaringly Carrie and the boys' are never short of fun!