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How Reginald 'Bruh Man' Ballard Landed That Memorable Role on 'Martin'

Oyin Balogun
Jun 25, 2019
01:47 A.M.
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Fans of the television drama, "Martin" most likely still remember the man who played "Bruh Man" from the 5th floor; in an interview, he opens up about how he bagged the role.


53-year-old Reginald Ballard shares the details concerning his character. Speaking to Vlad TV, the "Martin" actor revealed that his character was introduced in the second season. The first season had no role known as "Bruh Man."


In the information garnered by Vlad TV, Reginald was only visiting his friend in Texas, when he got called up to be a part of the cast of the show. He stated that he was first an ardent viewer of the program, and was watching a hilarious episode with his friend when Reginald got offered the role and was asked to revamp the character, which he did with his Texas accent. 


The original name of the cast was actually "Brother Man," but the actor fondled with the name and changed it to " Bruh Man." In his words:

"Matter of fact I was back in Texas...visiting. I was at my friend's house- Eddie Fowler, and we was watching videos of Martin."

He continued his explanation by saying:

"Cause in Texas man, we kind of drag our word sometimes. Like, if it don't get done today, it'll get done tomaaar. So I put that lil' flavor in there man, and she took me to see Martin and the producers I got the part that day."


He portrayed the role from season two to season five. Unfortunately, Bruh man left the show due to the intolerance of another character known as Tisha. The actor featured in other TV shows such as "True Colors," and even earned a movie role in "Menace 2 Society."

His role on "Martin" could partially be termed as comedy, so it comes as no surprise when he ventured into comedy. Recently, he has been heavily involved in stand up comedy, and even acts from time to time in stage dramas and gigs.


For Bruh Man, anything worth doing is worth doing well; he expressed how he always brought his A-game when it came to playing his role in "Martin." 

In terms of career choice, the actor and comedian said his flair for comedy was ignited by another comedian, known as J. Anthony, who owned a comedy club. J asked Reginald to introduce some acts in his Houston club, and that was when it all began.


In a recent upload he captioned on his Facebook page, it showed how much fun he's having doing what he loves to do best. The post read:



On the post, fans responded well by putting up encouraging comments and commended his act. Asides taking his comedy business seriously, he is also a devoted family man, who has been married to his wife for over two decades. The pair have two grown-up kids together.