Chrissy Teigen's 3-Year-Old Daughter Luna Sparkles in Her Princess Dress

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s one daughter, Luna loves playing princess and fans sure aren't complaining!

Luna Simone is one of the most famous Hollywood babies, and this, she owes to her doting parents. From observation, the growing girl has taken a liking to role-playing famous animation princesses which fans can never tire of.

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Reports have it that this started after she played dress up for her first Halloween. Luna, who only recently clocked three years old, has become some media sensation thanks to her parents, most notably Teigen, constantly uploading her photos on social media platforms.

You should prepare your hearts when going through the model's Instagram!

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The mother of two is never shy to flaunt her lovely daughter before the media. However, the top pick for today is Luna’s adorable purple princess getup which is somewhat reminiscent of a butterfly fairy’s.

It was taken last year when the young beauty was just two years old. As usual, Luna pulled off the look down to her adorable pose. The purple costume is a little dress designed with a full tutu of its own and frilly designs along its thin strap.

A big gold butterfly is sewn up the front making a staggering difference to the purple ensemble. Luna, with her chubby cheeks and beautiful black hair, was the picture of innocence and so much cuteness as she struck a pose looking away from the camera.

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ok can you tell I have the day off? I can’t stop

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The image is so much cuteness overload that it is no surprise that it has already amassed well over 700,000 likes and thousands of comments. Fans did nothing to hide their awe as they praised the charming little girl.

A fan, @stellargirlzshop wrote:

“Omg! So precious! A model for sure!”

Another fan, @mzzkjoplus1 said:

“Wow, Praise God for such a beautiful little girl!”

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all this and u can’t even buy Aladdin on iTunes

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There are more adorable photos of Luna playing princess. Luna is undoubtedly one girl to watch out for. It looks like she may have inherited her stunning mother's flair for fashion as well as modelling.

Luna, who only recently had her birthday bash at Disneyland and dressed as a Princess, is one of the two children born to Teigen and her world-famous singer husband, John Legend.

Luna shares a striking resemblance to both of her parents, but there is no arguing that she looks more like her mama now and Teigen couldn't be more proud of her genes. 

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