Judge Judy Admits Her New Ponytail Hairstyle Gave Her a ‘Freedom’ She Hasn’t Had in 40 Years

Judith Sheindlin, the star of the American reality show “Judge Judy”, shocked her long-time fans when she ditched her signature hairstyle earlier this year. But the star is in love with her new hairstyle, which has changed her life in more ways than one.

Judith, widely known as ‘Judge Judy’, has been laying down the law with her popular reality TV show for 23 years now. It is almost impossible for many fans to imagine her without her signature Bob. So what could have prompted her to ditch the iconic hairstyle after all these years?

In a New York Times profile, Judy opened up about the reason why she ditched her signature look and chose to go with a practical hairstyle. 

The 75-year-old explained that her hair was “getting older” and it took a long time to style it on a regular basis. So to give it a rest from constant styling, the star called up several salons that could provide her a ponytail which she could easily put on. 

Regular hairstyling definitely takes up a lot of time, and Judy finally recognized that it seems. She said it is easy to pop on a ponytail in the morning and all the time she saved by adopting an easy hairdo left her with more time on her hands. 

Judy could finally enjoy the simple pleasures of life like taking leisurely walks with her dog, reading the morning paper, and even watching CNBC. 

"Freedom that I haven't had in 40 years," she said.

With Judy’s new hairstyle, CBS got a lot of attention that they hadn’t expected. The network even dealt with negativity that surrounded Judy’s hairdo and a Facebook fan group even started deleting negative posts about it.

“We’ve had enough of dealing with the negativity surrounding Judge Judy’s choice to change her hairstyle a month ago,” the page's moderator wrote. We will no longer be approving any further posts about this change, and any comments about it will be deleted.”

Looks like criticism is the part of the package for being the world’s highest-paid TV host.  

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