Dwyane Wade Dragged after Showing off His Freshly Painted Red Toes and Anklet

Dwayne Wade showed off colorful toenails and an anklet on his social media and people are pointing out the implications they get from it. 

Wade, 37, is happy to share the joys of retirement with his fans by showing some of his extracurricular self-care activities. However, he may have swayed a bit too much off the straight path for some. 

The former Miami Heat player showed off freshly painted red toes on his Instagram story and, paired with a gold anklet, many found the view indicative of a different sexuality than Wade normally portrays.

Wade is married to actress Gabrielle Union, and bold people questioned the latter's taste in men after seeing the picture. Some said outright that Dwayne is not straight.

Others were of the opinion that Wade was himself being suggestive without being open about his sexuality. And there were those who simply regarded Wade as just being effeminate. 

Combined with a thigh tattoo that he recently debuted, people suggested that there was a progression in which Wade was showing more of his true self. But people already knew he painted his nails since he talked about it in 2012. 

We guess seeing it happen — through a picture featuring Wade with raised legs as the worker did her stuff — compelled people to get new ideas. Seeing his red nails on crossed legs was perhaps also a factor. 

Regardless, Wade is preoccupied with his wife Union as the two work hard together to promote Gatorade Zero's sugar-free product. They did an advertisement back in March showing off some healthy rivalry. 

Wade is also busy caring for his youngest daughter Kaavia, as seen in an adorable video of him feeding her late last year. The clip showed little Kaavia looking peacefully into her dad's eyes then sucking on the bottle he lifts to her face. 

While people continue to speculate about Wade's sexuality, he has enough going on despite being newly retired. There's no benefit to the crude comments, and we doubt Wade is paying them much mind.

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