Mara Wilson of 'Matilda' Fame Has a Great Response to People Who Call Her 'Too Political'

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 27, 2019
01:05 A.M.
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Mara Wilson, who increased overall popularity and acknowledgment for her work in the hit movie, "Matilda," called out critics who claim she's extremely "political."


Mara is now 31, and she uses her platform to address the important issues of our society. Recently, she took to Twitter to clap back at critics who deride her for “being too opinionated or political” by calling her “Matilda.”

"I do act sometimes in friends’ projects but, when I do, it’s just for fun."


"I love when people call me Matilda when they think I’m being too opinionated or political," she tweeted. "Because Matilda, who incited a riot at her school and got rid of an abusive tyrant at age six, wouldn’t be political at all."

As of this writing, her post already amassed over 30,000 retweets and over 175,000 likes. A lot of fans also added their thoughts via comments.



One person wrote: "Matilda has a brain and fought for the underdogs and good authority figures against the overly-powerful idiots.  And she had excellent taste in literature. How in the world is that an insult????"

"Every time I worry that my childhood faves will let me down as I grow older, I remind that Matilda never did," added another. "You’re a badass, Mara."


"Matilda would be using her powers to undo all the locks at the ICE concentration camps," another fan commented.

Someone else wrote: "You had career success earlier than most people so therrrrrrre! Don't you feel bad about yourself for doing something successful and beloved! I think these people do not understand how insults work."



Mara has focused on writing since resigning from film acting. In a 2013 interview, she said that her film acting days are over and that she is rather concentrating on writing.

"Acting is something I did when I was a kid," she explained. "I do act sometimes in friends’ projects but, when I do, it’s just for fun."


"It is actually a hobby for me now," Mara continued. "I do still love stage acting, but the day-to-day process of being an actor is so exhausting and so taxing. There are parts here and there that I’d like to play, but they’re not as interesting to me as writing."

The former child actress lives in Queens, New York, and was involved with compulsive storytelling. In 2016, after the Orlando nightclub shooting, she came out as bisexual in solidarity with the LGBT community.