Angela Merkel Seen Shaking Again as She Meets the German President

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel was present at an event which also had the German President in attendance. Again, cameras caught her shaking, raising concerns over her health, as this marked the second time in ten days that she would be having a shaking fit.

Angela Merkel went into a shaking fit on Thursday while attending the farewell ceremony of Germany’s Former Justice Minister at Bellevue Palace.


Video footage from the event showed the German Chancellor shivering with her hands clenched over her abdomen, and her lips pressed tightly together.

Despite her apparent discomfort, she managed to remain focused and watched on as the German President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier gave his speech. Her attention only got diverted for a few seconds when she was offered a glass of water, which she declined.

Based on an eyewitness' report, the influential politician showed up in parliament almost an hour later looking okay, with no visible sign of her earlier spell.


The incident would mark the second time the German Chancellor would be seen shaking in recent days. She was also seen shaking when the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, was honoured by the German Military during his visit on June 18.

The German Chancellor dismissed that incident as being a result of dehydration when reporters asked her about it. Merkel said she was doing okay and had drank three glasses of water, which she needed.


Though there have been some concerns over the German Chancellor’s health since her shaking episodes, the German Press does not seem to be taking the issue as serious as it sounds.

Top German weeklies and Broadsheets like Die Spiegel, Die Welt, and Suddeutsche Zeitung granted the incident little importance in their online editions, only reporting it as Merkel having a “dizzy spell.” Many others didn’t even report it at all.

Die Welt, the country’s centre-right broadsheet wrote that those seeking to find political meaning from her shaking episodes take the attention away from her politics which in itself was hard enough to decode.

Merkel’s spokesperson, however, dismissed concerns over her health and stated that all activities would go on as planned.

It will be recalled that Angela Merkel was seen shaking in 2017 during her visit to Mexico City, while the Military honoured her presence. Nothing has been said about the 65-year-old’s state of health, but these recurrent fits certainly have nothing to do with the weather.

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