JAG Returns to TV Again and Fans Hope for a New Series

For many years, the "NCIS" shows have kept many viewers glued to their television sets. However, the shows owe their birth to "JAG," one of the greatest series that ran on television.

Fans of "JAG," however, have something to smile about with the announcement of the show’s return to TV. The WGN America's tweet that it would be airing the ten seasons of "JAG" from the 4th of July has taken many fans of the excellent show by surprise, and they are asking for more.

The marathon airing of all episodes from the ten seasons of the series will run for two days (July 4-6) exclusively on WGN. After the two days, the series will go on air every weekday (except Wednesdays) for two hours on the network.


"JAG" ran for ten consecutive seasons from 1995 to 2005, making it the longest-running military series in the history of television. The acronym, "JAG" stands for Justice Advocate General; the series starred actor James Elliot and Catharine Bell.

It was created by Donald Bellisario, who is also credited with the creation of other series such as "Magnum P.I" and "Quantum Leap." "JAG" first aired for a season, before NBC canceled it.

After the cancellation, the show began airing on CBS. It led to the birth of "NCIS," which also had two spin-offs, NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans. 

With the announcement by WGN that they would be doing a marathon airing of the ten seasons, fans of the show went wild with excitement on social media.


Fans can’t wait for July 4! A fan tweeted that she hoped the airing would pave the way for new episodes of the famous show. Well, unfortunately, she and other fans who share the same optimism would have to wait for more news about any reboot of the show.

This announcement allows lovers of the series to catch up on their cherished show, and also serve as an opportunity for many to watch it for the first time. 


Surprisingly, the now well-acclaimed series "JAG" didn’t hit it off instantly as its ratings were low at first, making its future bleak. This led to NBC pulling the plug on the series. This paved the way for CBS to take over it's airing.

Well, the rest is history, as "JAG" went on to become the parent of the third biggest franchise in television history. 

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