What Ayesha Curry Has Learned since Enrolling in Harvard Business School Online

Ayesha Curry is the most recent celebrity to undergo Harvard Business School courses, and now she's decided to share what she's learned. 

 Ayesha Curry is the latest celebrity to graduate from Harvard Business School Online, and she recently guested on "Girlboss Radio," sharing what she's discovered. She took the courses to help her become a better work leader. 

“But one of the things that I just learned in the class is, like, it’s the way you delegate is very important as a leader and to be inclusive and open and not to create consensus bias in your work space."

A New Venture

She adds that she's working towards opening her own business, and she's thrilled to refocus her energy on that along with getting inputs from her partners.

"It’s something that I’m looking forward [to] implementing into my own business, because I know sometimes I get really passionate about an idea and I tend to advocate and I’m learning now that it’s not necessarily good to be an advocator, and so I’m, I’m just really excited to kind of like refocus and not advocate so much that people can give me their opinions.”

More Harvard Graduates

Another celebrity who recently graduated from Harvard is Ciara, who completed a four-day business course. The Harvard Business School Entertainment, Media, and Sports program only accepts the best of the best, and she was joined by "Fixer Upper" actors Chip and Joanna Gaines, and NBA stars Kevin Love and Julius Randle. 

The proud graduate shared her quick experiences as a student on social media, letting people know that being a part of Harvard Business School was just a dream to her once. Now, she's completed a course from the prestigious university; she is ready to become a better member of the entertainment industry. 

"My College Dream Has Come True and I’ll cherish this moment forever! What a surreal feeling walking to class every day, interacting with my classmates, diving into case studies, exploring [the] Harvard campus and Cambridge! Never stop dreaming, Never stop believing!"

Now that she is a graduate of this program, she learned more about the current business and technology trends that are currently redefining the industries of entertainment, media, and sports. With her newfound knowledge, she is now ready to take the industry by storm (not that she's not doing that already.) 

Congratulations, Ciara! 

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