Duane Chapman's Daughter-in-Law Jamie Slams Internet for Lying about Husband Leland's Health Condition

Kareena Koirala
Jul 01, 2019
05:33 P.M.
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Jamie Pilar Chapman slammed the internet for spreading false news about her husband, Leland Chapman, who had surgery last month. Although the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” star was hospitalized, he was never rushed to the hospital nor was he in a critical condition. 


After Jamie saw a YouTube video which claimed that her husband Leland was rushed to the hospital and his situation was critical, she pointed out that it never happened.

Jamie clarified that the video was nothing but “internet lies” and shared that the news is fake through her Instagram story. 

"Last month my husband did have surgery," she wrote. "However he was never rushed to the hospital, nor was he ever in critical condition! Clearing the air!"

Jamie Pilar Chapman's Instagram story through which she pointed out that her husband was never rushed to the hospital nor was his condition critical. | Source: Instagram/jaimepchapman


After Leland’s surgery, Jamie posted a snapshot of herself with him, writing: “He makes me the happiest person in the entire world. I love you.”



After Beth’s tragic death, Jamie paid tribute to her mother-in-law, reminiscing about how she made her feel loved by telling her that she is a part of the family. Sharing a picture of herself and Beth, she wrote:

“Beth taught me my first tough love experience when I joined the family. As we know, sometimes when Mrs. C shows tough love, she can throw in a few extra punches just for good measure. Through it all, she still told me I had a place in this family and I didn’t need to fight for it. I needed that. And in this moment I realized how much I was going to need her in my life.⁣”


She went on to mention that the picture was taken when Beth welcomed her to the family. 

“Thank you for giving me a chance and welcoming me into the family. Thank you for all the guidance you gave to me. There’s so much more I’m going to need so It’s been hard to come to the realization that I can’t pick up the phone and talk to you. You’d always know what to say. That’s going to be the hardest part.”

Jamie ended the message with a sad note, saying that she misses a Beth with a broken heart emoji towards the end. 

We can only imagine how much pain the family is going through after losing Beth. We hope they can find solace in each other’s company.