'My 600-Lb Life' Member Reveals Successful 596 Pound Weight Loss after Being Bedridden for 3 Years

Comfort Omovre
Jul 02, 2019
10:43 A.M.
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A Tennessee woman who took part in the reality show “My 600 lb Life” revealed her weight loss of about 596 pounds over the space of three years, and her story is inspiring.


For years, before Milla Clark of Tennessee decided to move to Houston, Texas, with her family, she was extremely obese, overweight, and bedridden for three years.



Milla could do nothing for herself and relied on her five children to bathe and help her carry out the daily necessities until she decided to do something about it.

The mother-of-five turned reality star, contacted bariatric surgeon, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, and got on the show “My 600 lb Life,” to chronicle her weight loss journey.

In a 2017 video on YouTube showing her first meeting with the doctor, Milla revealed that she could not fit into a car before except ambulances, and only for trips to the hospital.



After the meeting, the Tennessee native realized she needed to lose 100 pounds to qualify for surgery to remove her lymphedema, which she did. After which she had to shed another 200 pounds.

Dr. Younan placed Milla on a strict diet and had her children meet with a dietitian to help plan her meals and curb her food addiction. 

The TLC star also underwent gastric bypass surgery to remove the excess fat in her body, fix her skin, and knee replacement surgery to help her stand straight and walk again.

In all, Milla who lost her husband, Elroy, two months into her weight loss journey, lost a total of 596 pounds. The TV star recently celebrated her 51st birthday, and she shared her new look on social media, sporting blonde hair.



Now that her look has transformed, the Houston resident who once referred to her look as embarrassing now inspires others with her story, and one person called it “Miraculous.”

Milla started eating as a way to make her mother feel appreciated. According to the now-TV personality, her mother saw food as a show of love, and the reality star kept on eating and only wanted more.

The TV star equally revealed that she ate both her food and that of her sister, whom she said couldn’t eat much. By the time Milla graduated from high school, she weighed about 400 pounds, and after her first and only biological child, she weighed 500 pounds.


Milla currently weighs 155 pounds, and is fulfilling her dream of taking care of her children, and holds the record of the most successful patient on the TLC show.