Philly Entrepreneur 'Retires Wife from Work' & Gives Her Dream Wedding in 30 Days

A Philadelphia entrepreneur has given his wife the wedding she always dreamed of, and also retired her from working for any other companies apart from their “family company.” That isn’t a mean feat, and the entrepreneur is giving key lessons about success on his Instagram.

Most women tend to dream about how they wish their weddings to be. Those dreams may or may not be met, but the outcome never takes away the joy they have after a successful marriage.  

For the wife of a Philadelphia entrepreneur, Neo Daviso, she got the wedding of her dreams and much more, as her husband went all out to make her feel special. 

The Instagram account of Neo Daviso, a successful entrepreneur from Philadelphia has been awash with videos and images of his wedding day with his wife. He also told the story of how they both strived for success and how she stood by him through thick and thin. 

In a very loving tribute to her, Daviso informed her that she wouldn’t have to work anymore, as he was working to make sure that their family is straight and comfortable. He also stated how happy he was to be able to give her the wedding of her dreams in thirty days and promised to get even better, as the best was yet to come. 

In yet another post, he was grateful to God and his wife. He looked back on their tough days when she earned more than he did and also how she held him down when he was nothing.  

He thus promised that for doing that, she wouldn’t ever work for any company apart from their family business. He also went on to reveal that their wedding was fully paid for. He ended his post by encouraging people to keep working hard, as their current situation wasn’t their final destination. 

In another wedding post, the entrepreneur also talked about his troubled beginnings, the fact he had no college degree and how his father had been in jail since he was two. He, however, chose to take charge of his life and commit to making his family better. 

He thus told his followers that they have the power to change their situation, as everything was possible if only they believe in themselves. 

The Shade Room also posted about the entrepreneur’s wedding on their Instagram page. They shared key lessons from him about success. 

These lessons include identification of one’s gift; discovery of a skill that can earn you income over and over; showcasing your ability and developed talent, which makes you become an expert. 

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