Pamela Anderson Shares Video of Bandaged Hands to Prove Ex-Boyfriend Adil Rami 'Crushed' Her

The “Baywatch” star took to social media to make another gruesome revelation about her recently-ended relationship with the soccer star, opening up for the first time about an alleged violent episode with him.

52-year-old actress and advocate Pamela Anderson keeps washing her dirty laundry in public following her turbulent breakup with 33-year-old French soccer star Adil Rami, whom she accuses of both cheating and abusing her.


In a recent update to her personal blog Anderson recalled an incident in which Rami allegedly “crushed” her hands in the middle of an argument, causing her a lesion that left her in pain for months.

In the publication, Anderson included a link to a video showing a doctor wrapping her right hand in a bandage, as well as her admission to the hospital in France, and a photo of herself in a hospital bed.

“Now my feelings are confirmed. People that are extremely jealous are usually the ones being unfaithful.”

The above mentioned are presented as proof that Rami not only committed infidelity and lied about the nature of his relationship with Anderson, as she claims, but he also physically abused her during their time together.

"When he crushed my hands especially my right one till they cracked. It took me 6 months to go to [a doctor]," she captioned the video of her visit to the doctor.

"I told them it felt like arthritis (so this is what they put down) - (I couldn’t say he hurt me to the dr) though I did tell his sister and the concierge to Olympic De Marseille, who took me, what really happened. The sister just told me to be patient. That he was changing," Anderson wrote.


The actress went on to reveal how controlling, hurtful, and intimidating Rami was in the relationship.

“He would hurt me in ways you couldn't see. Grabbing me roughly - intimidating, holding me with his physical strength. Not letting me leave. Taking keys from me in car. Not letting me move,” she added.

Now that she apparently left him for good, Anderson seems to be seeing more clearly into her recent past, and it makes sense for her that Rami didn’t have any boundaries when it came to control her and keep her away from others.

“Now my feelings are confirmed. People that are extremely jealous are usually the ones being unfaithful,” the “Borat” star reflected.


According to Fox News, Anderson spent her 52nd birthday on July 1 in the company of her former husband 50-year-old poker player Rick Salomon and her sons, with whom her family and friends reportedly hope she reconciles.

As a source close to Anderson told the news outlet, this doesn’t mean that Salomon and she are back together, but the person said that “he’ll probably be around.”


On July 3, Anderson took to Twitter to wish her friend and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange a happy 48th birthday, currently imprisoned in London, calling him “an angel for humanity.”

Anderson also paid tribute to Assange on Instagram, where she posted a photo of herself alongside the Australian-born, using a quote from the world’s most famous political prisoner, late South African leader Nelson Mandela.

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