Ellen Pompeo Shares Pic of Daughter's Pride Manicure & Some Fans Aren't Happy

Ellen Pompeo's post in honor of Pride month which features her daughter turned into a discussion among her fans. Some questioned its appropriateness while others praised her for it. 

For Ellen Pompeo, it’s “never too early” to teach her kids about love, especially in light of last month’s Pride festivities. But for some fans, this is quite bothersome.


Ellen took to her Instagram a few days ago to reveal her pride in teaching her kids what love really means. She shared a photo of the hands of one of them, we’re suspecting it’s her 5-year-old daughter, Sienna May, with manicure in rainbow colors.  

“Never to early to teach them love is love and love should always be celebrated !! #PRIDE,” the “Grey’s Anatomy” front runner wrote to caption the pic.

"...it is so absolutely amazing that these children have such an accepting, amazing mother.”



Ellen’s comments section soon filled with positive remarks praising the star for teaching her children about love without boundaries.

“this is absolutely amazing,” a fan wrote. “some people say "don't teach your kids to believe in things just because you do" but it is important to teach them the right thing. equality isn't a belief, it is a hope that should be reached for, and it is the right thing in this world. it is so absolutely amazing that these children have such an accepting, amazing mother.”

“This is sick that you would teach your kids that this unhealthy lifestyle is okay.” 


Others agreed and echoed the fan’s sentiment. However, some thought what Ellen did was inappropriate.

“OK I agree with teaching love but you don’t teach sexuality to kids it’s been way over exposed nowadays two kids too young to understand.”

Another expressed disgust by writing,

“This is sick that you would teach your kids that this unhealthy lifestyle is okay.” 

Some also questioned why the mother-of-three would even bring up the subject of sexuality to her children. Fans of the 49-year-old defended her by reminding them she never mentioned anything about sexuality and merely spoke about love being universal.


Soon, Ellen’s comments section became the venue for a debate between those who think children shouldn’t be taught to accept differences just because their parents believe in it and those who do. 

The pros think it’s just right that children are made aware of the issue because they’re already exposed to it in various avenues of media. But the cons think these kids should be allowed to form their own opinions about it when the right time comes.


Ellen opted to skip the debate though we know how strongly she feels about opening up to the LGBTQ community. In fact, she admitted in the past that her long-running show has been instrumental in making her see the importance of acceptance.

In an episode on “Ellen,” she became emotional when she opened up about the first time she sat on the director’s chair of her ABC medical drama and encountered a gay teen who was an actor on that episode. The teen shared how the show helped him come out to his parents and how they easily accepted it because of their constant exposure to the idea by watching the show.  

"I gotta keep doing it, man, because we’re touching lives and making a difference."


We all know “Grey’s Anatomy” has had a roster of gay characters throughout its 15-season run including Callie Torres (played by Sara Ramirez) who reigns as the longest-running LGBTQ+ character on television. For Ellen, the impact these characters have on the LGBTQ+ community is one reason why she keeps on doing the show.

“I gotta keep doing it, man, because we’re touching lives and making a difference," she told Ellen DeGeneres.


Ellen is as passionate about this issue as she is about fighting for higher pay for women (including herself), for the end of racial discrimination (as she exemplified when she lashed out at Roseanne Barr) and for the preservation of animals (as evident in her posts about saving wildlife)

She truly is a champion for many important issues and that is why as young as her kids are, she's teaching them to value the world as it is. 

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