Ethel Kennedy, 91, Poses with Her Family in a Golf Cart for the Annual Fourth of July Parade

Pedro Marrero
Jul 06, 2019
07:27 A.M.
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The widow of Senator Robert F. Kennedy joined the Independence Day celebrations onboard of a festive golf cart in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, accompanied by her daughters.

91-year-old Ethel Kennedy was photographed as she drove a golf cart in great spirits to mark the 243rd anniversary of the US Declaration of Independence, in the company of two other members of her famous family.

The widow of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who was shot death aged 42 while running for president in 1968, posed for the cameras from the driver’s seat of her decorated vehicle, with her daughter 59-year-old daughter Kerry sitting in the back.



The car was covered in the colors of the US flag, and also had ribbons and stars celebrating the birth of the nation. A rainbow flag, a reference to the recently ended Pride month, was also added in the cart’s windshield.

Ethel, who wore a navy jacket with red sleeves and a white shirt in a display of patriotic spirit, was joined by both Kerry and her other daughter, 68-year-old Kathleen, the eldest of her eleven children with the late senator, in another picture with the three sitting in the front seat.


During last year’s Fourth of July festivities, Ethel and other of her family members wore green jackets with the words “I really do care” written on the back.

The gesture was a response to the infamous “I Really, Don’t Care, Do U” jacket first lady Melania Trump worn on her way to Texas to visit migrant children in June 2018.



Despite her advanced age, Ethel has remained politically active, and apart from wearing said jackets, she also took part in a 24-hour hunger strike to protest the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

Ever since the early death of her husband, Ethel has worked on keeping his legacy alive through the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization, which supports the causes close to the late politician.


The youngest child of Ethel and Robert, Rory, is now a 50-year-old filmmaker, and she remembers how her mother encouraged a rebellious spirit since her teenage years.

Rory recently told the story about the time she got arrested at age 13 for taking part in an anti-apartheid protest outside the South African embassy in Washington, D.C, where she was driven by Ethel herself.


“They arrested me and I was thrown in a police car and handcuffed. I looked up at my mother and I tell you, I don’t think she has ever been prouder.”

Rory was born six months after her father was assassinated. That event and the way the family coped with the tragedy, made a profound impact in Rory’s character.

“I grew up without a father, and with a sadness for sure, not having him or knowing him,” she told The Guardian in 2018.

“I also grew up with family who had a real sense of gratitude for the life we have, and for all the extraordinary gifts. There wasn’t a lot of tolerance for feeling like a victim, or feeling sorry for yourself,” Rory added.