Schedule for 'Shark Week' 2019 Is Finally Here

Bettina Dizon
Jul 12, 2019
05:37 A.M.
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Discovery Channel’s highly anticipated event is back for it’s 31’s consecutive year with more stories and scenes of the deepest parts of the sea.

Shark Week 2019 is about to hit screens with more information about the feared sea creatures and true tales of shark encounters which feature the dark depths of the ocean and escapes of preys from predators.


The sharkfest program will air throughout the week for over 20 hours starting on Sunday, July 28 until the following Sunday, August 4. The program will start at 8 p.m. ET/PT nightly, followed by “Shark After Dark” episodes at 11 p.m. ET/PT on some days.


Sunday, July 28:

8/7c: Expedition Unknown: Megalodon9/8c: Shark Tip: Eat. Prey. Chum.11/10c: Shark After Dark

Monday, July 29:

8/7c: Sharks of the Badlands9/8c: Legend of Deep Blue10/9c: The Sharks of Headstone Hell11/10c: Shark After Dark


Tuesday, July 30:

8/7c: Sharkwrecked: Crash Landing9/8c: Laws of Jaws: Dangerous Waters10/9c: Air Jaws Strikes Back11/10c: Shark After Dark

Wednesday, July 31:

8/7c: Extinct or Alive: The Lost Shark9/8c: Capsized: Blood in the Water11/10c: Shark After Dark


Thursday, August 1:

8/7c: Return to Shark Island9/8c: Great White Kill Zone: Guadalupe10/9c: Monster Mako: Perfect Predator11/10c: Shark After Dark

Friday, August 2:8/7c: Isle of Jaws: Blood Brothers9/8c: Andrew Mayne: Ghost Diver10/9c: I Was Prey: Shark Week


Saturday, August 3:9/8c: Sharks Gone Wild 210/9c: Shark Week Immersion


Shark Week will once again feature Rob Riggle’s funny moments with his famous friends and their crazy shenanigans with the sharks.


Apart from the experiments and stories that will be showcased, Shark Week will also feature a scripted film called “Capsized: Blood in the Water,” a thrilling true story about a shark encounter in the early ‘80s.

The network continued to team up with the best marine biologists to talk about recent shark research information and insights about the different kinds of species there are underwater. 


While sharks are believed to be scary creatures from the depths of the ocean, one man’s shark encounter showed the animals cry for help. Josh Eccles thought he was about to be attacked when the shark began bumping him repeatedly.


It turned out that a rusted hook was stuck inside the shark, causing pain. Despite the danger of being close to a deadly animal, Eccles extended his help and removed the hook before patting the shark on his head.