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Daily Joke: Young Boy and His Dad Go Fishing One Fine Morning

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jul 15, 2019
03:08 P.M.
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A man and his son went fishing one day and when the boy became curious he ended up learning the big difference between him and his dad. 


A man took his son out to fish on a day which promised great weather. They had been fishing before, but this time was a bit different. 

The father-son pair waited quietly in the boat for hours, waiting for something to bite. In that time, the boy started thinking really hard. 

A man and a boy on a fishing boat | Photo: Shutterstock


Eventually, he asked his father, "How do fish breath underwater?" The dad took a moment before responding, "I honestly don't know, my boy." 

Another silent moment passed until the boy asked another question. How does our boat manage to stay afloat on the water?" 

Again, the man couldn't help with his response. "Don't know, son," he admitted. His son wasn't finished.

Fishing reel coming off a hand over a fishing boat | Photo: Shutterstock


He asked his dad, "Why is the sky blue?" to which his father told him again, "I don't know, my boy." 

The little boy became worried that his father was getting exasperated with him and said, "Dad, am I bothering you with all these questions?" 

His father answered: "Of course not my boy. Why, there's no other way you're going to learn about all these things!" 

A bright blue sky over a fishing boat | Photo: Shutterstock


In another instance, a man's wife indeed started to annoy him with complaints about getting old and he may have gotten into trouble with his answer to her. 

"Harry!" Mary called out to her husband of 20 years. "I need to do something! I can't handle getting old!" 

She went on whining, "I'm just 40 years old yet I look and feel as if I'm already 60! Do you see all these wrinkles, notice my hunched back, and see my hair falling out?" 

Elderly woman looking into the camera | Photo: Shutterstock


Slowly, Harry looked at his wife from her head to her toes and said, "At least we know there's one thing that works as good as new for you." 

Now smiling, Mary felt a bit better thanks to her husband's seemingly positive feedback. "Thanks, Harry, you always know the right thing to say. What are you referring to?" 

Suddenly, Harry shifted his eyes away from his wife. "Never mind," he mumbled. But his wife prodded, "Oh come on, tell me what you're talking about." 

Elderly man rubbing his eye | Photo: Shutterstock

"Mary, trust me you don't wanna know," Harry responded, but Mary didn't give up. "I insist my love!" she said.

Harry gave in. "Well, I was going to comment on your great eyesight that apparently is working quite perfectly."