Jill Duggar’s Fans Defend Her after She Was Mom-Shamed for Putting a Bib on Her 4-Year-Old Son Israel

The star of the show Counting Up is slammed again by some of her Instagram followers for making a publication of her family life.

Last week, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard’s little son Samuel turned two years old and to share this special date with fans of the show, Jill published a very sweet photograph with the birthday boy and his older brother.

In the photograph, she wrote congratulations to her son and they all appear with a big smile on their faces: Jill is holding a cake with a blue cover, Samuel is sitting in a baby chair, and four-year-old Israel stands as the proud older brother.

The comments congratulating little Samuel and wishing the best for him didn’t wait, including messages from relatives, friends and Counting On show fans. However, the discordant note was given by some unfavorable comments.

Some followers made comments criticizing that Israel, who as we said is four years old, is wearing a bib with a container underneath to pick up crumbs and small pieces of food that can fall from his mouth or hands like he is still a baby.

They commented that Israel is too big to wear a bib, that she should teach him to eat without having small pieces falling from his mouth and is her duty to teach him. Others were less pleasant and approached the mockery, making more uncomfortable comments.

This is not the first time that fans write things trying to embarrass Jill. A few months ago, Jill and Derick decided to celebrate the 5th anniversary of their marriage with a weekend getaway and some followers started criticizing them again.


This getaway was commented and photographed by Jill, who shared photos of some of the things they had in their room to spend fun time together including games and a copy of the Kama Sutra.

The sole presence of this ancient Hindu book about intimate relationships moved many people to express their disappointment because they see this couple as a reference for their faith as Christians. But Jill is certainly a young woman who dresses modestly and lives according to her beliefs.

However, Jill has thousands of fans and received plenty of comments supporting her in both posts. Luckily, her last post mainly received happy birthday messages for Samuel and well wishes for the whole family.

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