Jill Dillard Might Be Jealous That Everyone Else in the Duggar Family Is Pregnant Now

This year it is impossible to be surprised by an announcement of pregnancy of the great Duggar family since to date, at least 5 women of the clan are pregnant. But perhaps there is one of them who might feel left behind.

Jill Dillard hasn’t had the happiness this year of being pregnant and some of her fans suspect that she may be feeling jealous of all the attention that other women in the family that are expecting a baby are receiving.

Although Jill already has two children, it is very likely that her plans include continuing to bring new members to her growing family and thus keeping with the tradition of having as many descendants as possible.

Until now, Jessa Duggar, Kendra Caldwell, Anna Duggar, Joy Forsyth, and Lauren Swanson are all pregnant. But Jill has had a busy year due to her recent move to a brand-new house and has had less help since her controversial husband started going to law school.

Derick and Jill have had the good fortune to enjoy as much time as possible with their little ones Samuel and Israel, but having only two children is very little for the standards of the family and it is much likely that this young couple is looking to have a girl.

If Jill has felt particularly sad or frustrated because she is not part of the group of pregnant women in the family this year, she has managed to disguise it very well. So far there have been no comments that indicate otherwise.

All her posts on social media this week have been dedicated to celebrating the announcements of pregnancy from the other members of the big family and sharing her usual recipes and pictures.

Besides, the first half of the year is just finishing and it is still possible that Jill can be counted among the blessed women of the Duggar clan. Many fans believe that she will be the next one to announce that she is in the sweet wait.

However, it would be prudent for the couple to concentrate on the two children they have until now while Derick finishes school and gets a full-time job. After that, they can bring to the world all the children they want.

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