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Melania Trump's Sister Ines Shares Throwback Photo of Their Mother Amalija

Joe Akins
Jul 16, 2019
09:46 P.M.
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The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and it is evident in the image shared by Melania Trump's sister.


Recently, Ines Knauss, who is the sister of America's First lady, Melania, updated her Instagram account with a photo of their mother, and the resemblance between the mother and daughter is undeniable.


The black and white image was to wish Mrs Knavz a happy birthday and @inesknauss2018 captioned it:

"Happy #birth day #mom. From 1973."

Melania Trump's status as the First Lady of the United States Of America may be well known, but the family history of the First Lady is a little bit more discreet, and very few of the public know her parents, the Knavses.


Both Victor and Amalija Knavs hails from Slovenia although they are currently based in the US and are citizens of the country. Since the President has been going on and on about immigration and immigrants, people wonder if these Slovenia natives are US citizens.

According to reports garnered by Association Press, from the family's lawyer, Michael Wildes, it is confirmed that the Knavses are US citizens. In his words, they are,

"Lawfully admitted into the United States as permanent citizens, and have obtained their green cards."


The attorney also stated that the couple did not receive any preferential treatment in the course of getting their green cards.

He further expressed that their move was "an example of it going right," after the President's debate on immigrants sponsoring based on skill system immigration not on family-based immigration.


The relationship between the First Lady and her parents is very close-knit one. They once resided in their son-in-law's tower, the Trump towers, to remain close to their daughter and grandchild, Barron, when the Trump family lived in New York before becoming the First family.

Ines, just like her parents also lived in one of Trump's apartments in the Manhattan Upper East Side. Mrs Trump shares a stepbrother with Ines, Denis Cigelnjak, but he is not in talking terms with their father thereby little is known about him.


Melania, who was raised in Slovenia while it was still under communist Yugoslavia doesn't frequent the country home as much as her folks. 

The President's visit to Slovenia has been a one-time affair. While in an interview, Donald Trump revealed to Larry King how he spent about "13 minutes" in his parents-in-law's home in Slovenia.

The First Lady's social media game may not be as revealing, and may not be able to compete with her husband's, but she sure has her sister who although doesn't want to be in the spotlight, wouldn't mind putting up photos that show the invaluable bond shared by the family!