Wendy Williams Receives Her Daily 45-Minute Lymphedema Treatment (Photo)

The TV show host, who has been battling the chronic condition which has kept her away from work for a while shared images of herself receiving treatment on her Instagram page

A few days back, Wendy took to her Instagram to reveal pictures of her daily treatment for her Lymphedema condition. In the image, she could be seen laying on a couch with a yellow robe on. 

Although the photograph didn't show Wendy's face as her blonde hair covered it, her compression wraps could be seen worn over her thighs. She was sitted beside a big sized Flexitouch device which featured tubes used to stimulate the lymphatic system.

The Instagram photo was shared alongside a caption which read:

"Just Wendy with lymphedema machine. 45min every day."

and followed up with hashtags

"#lymphedema #Flexitouch", and the last one which was 'get help.' 

Fellow celebrities and fans who sympathized with Wendy took to her comment section to share their kind words. Among them was a hilarious comment from a fan which read:

"Feel better. Routing for you!!! But seriously thought those were a pair of European boots"

(referring to her compression wraps). 

The condition which has kept Wendy away from screens for a while is known as lymphedema. It causes swelling in the arms and legs and is as a result of complications in an individual's lymphatic system.

Although there is no permanent cure for lymphedema, it can be managed appropriately if noticed and treated early. 


Before her diagnosis for lymphedema, Wendy put her fans in her scary position after passing out while recording an episode of her TV show a few years back.

While recounting the experience at the Graves’ Disease & Thyroid Foundation 2018, Wendy revealed that she was diagnosed with both Graves' and Thyroid disease 19 years back and thought she had the condition under control with her medications.

However, as reports would later reveal, she had been on a wrong dose which complicated her health and subsequently left her unconscious in front of her fans. Then, her illness left her taking a three-week break based on her doctor's order.

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