Michael Strahan and His Mom Appear on 'Good Morning America' Show in Houston

Homecoming! Michael Strahan beamed during the broadcast of “Good Morning America," as his mum joined him on set in his home state, Houston, Texas.

Michael Strahan had nothing but fulfilment after the live broadcast of “Good Morning America” in his native town, Houston, Texas.


The broadcast is part of the morning show’s summer tour, and it was streamed live across the country from Downsouth Discovery Green.

Strahan shared his delight about the success of the show and his joy of having his mum, Louise Strahan, with him on set, on his Instagram account.

The daytime host posted a picture which showed him smiling and displaying his gap-tooth as he sat beside his mother. 

He captioned the photo:

“Man, the love and support in Houston was unbelievable. Awesome to be home, and Mama Stray joining the set made it an unforgettable experience. Thank you, Houston.”



Strahan hosted the Houston show alongside Lara Spencer and Ginger Zee, and despite the barbeque challenge, which Louise declared SouthernQ as the winner, and other entertaining segments, the highlight of the show was the presence of the former NFL player.

Placards at the venue read, “We came to see Michael Strahan,” and one audience member told "Paper City" that most of them denied themselves sleep, and got there way before time, so they can see the former New York City giant player when he arrived.

Strahan also had cheerleaders and football players from his alma mater, Texas Southern University, cheering for him, and although it was unscripted, his return had a lot of fanfare.


The TV personality left his home state to pursue a career in football in New York, before going into journalism at retirement, but his parents who still reside in Houston are never far from him and continue to be a big part of his life.

For the SuperBowl XIII winner’s 47th birthday, his “Good Morning America Day” co-host, Sara Haines, travelled to Houston, to meet Louise and her husband, and made a video with a detailed account of Strahan’s childhood from the couple.

The TV personality called it the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for him, adding that he never thought anyone would go out of their way to do something so selfless.

Strahan is equally selfless, especially when it comes to his children, Tanita, Michael Jr., and twins, Isabella and Sophia.

The children are from his two marriages to Wanda Hutchins and Jean Muggli, and despite his divorces, the GMA host spends a lot of time with the kids, and the siblings have a close relationship.

Strahan, who easily transitioned from sports to media, has blended his family perfectly and is proud of his achievements as a dad, NFL player, and a media personality.

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