Bethenny Frankel Claps Back at Criticism of Her Boyfriend's Age

The beautiful actress responded to unsolicited comments about the age of her boyfriend with humor and some sarcasm.

Much has been written about love; it has no age, it comes when it comes, and you have to live it to the fullest. Well, Bethenny is not willing to allow awkward comments from strangers to tarnish the happiness in her life right now.

After sharing a photograph in her Instagram of herself with a very blue sea in the background and posing with sunglasses while enjoying a romantic getaway, Frankel made reference to a song in the text that accompanies this photograph with her boyfriend Paul Bernon.

Although most of the comments were of congratulations and support, a few of them went out of tone and would have gone unnoticed if it were not for Frankel's witty response. In the first comment, the person refers to how young Paul looks and directly asks his age.

Frankel answered the comment saying that her boyfriend is 12 years old and that she will be in jail during the next season. After that, another person commented about the phrase that captions the photograph; the user said that Bethenny should be good by herself and not just when she’s with someone.

About that comment, Bethenny simply replied that this person needs to be more positive than negative.

However, the only one who understood the reference of what Frankel wrote (quoting Lauv's song "I Like Me Better”) was his boyfriend Paul who commented on the publication: 'I'm good as long as you're here with me' continuing the lyric.

Little is known about Paul; he is an entrepreneur and producer of film and television, and also has a stake in several businesses including real estate in Rubicon. He also holds a Master's degree in real estate from the University of New York and previously graduated from Boston University.

The couple has been dating together since 2018 and as Bethenny has commented before; Paul and her 9-year-old daughter Bryn, shared with her ex-husband, get along very well.

Frankel is recovering from the sudden death of who was her boyfriend Dennis Shield at the beginning of 2018. The couple was known for breaking and coming back several times, and just two months after their last break Shield passed away.

Thanks to Paul, Bethenny has found peace, love, and balance in her life, she has made reference to the positive that has been the impact of her relationship with Paul and feels calmer and in order with her thoughts and feelings at this stage of her life.

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