Duggar Family Celebrates ‘Milestone Event’ as Sons Jason and James Graduate from School

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar threw a graduation party for Jason and James at their home in Springdale, AR. Their family and friends came together to celebrate the milestone. 

Jason and James Duggar are high school graduates now!

The Duggar family was in a jolly mood as they celebrated the accomplishment of the two Duggar children.

A series of photos from the event were posted on the family’s official Instagram page with the caption:

“Graduation is a milestone event!! Today we celebrated Jason and James with a graduation party! Their diligence in school, learning of trades and practical skills, and completion of the ALERT program are all amazing accomplishments. We love you boys and can’t wait to see what’s next for you both!!”

Congratulations to the Duggar boys!


The 12th Duggar child turned 19 in April but seems like he has already decided who he’s going to spend the rest of his life with.

Fans believe that Jason may be engaged to Lauren Kendra Caldwell’s sister, Lauren.

The rumors about their alleged courting grew stronger when the duo sat next to each other during their mission trip to Greece. 

Even if Jason is engaged to Lauren, the news won't come as a shock to fans since Duggars are known for marrying at an early age.

Coincidentally, Jason’s sisters, Jinger and Jill, met their husbands while on missionary trips.


While all the speculations about Jason and Lauren’s engagement may or may not be true, fans should keep an eye on the couple to see if they hold hands. 

After all, the Duggar family has strict rules when it comes to courtship and only an engaged couple is allowed to hold hands. 

During the courtship, a chaperone accompanies a couple. A hug is where they draw the line when it comes to physical intimacy.

Even the texts and emails shared between a courting couple must be forwarded to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Would you be able to court a partner like the Duggars? 

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