July 19, 2019

Don Johnson's Son Jesse Shares a Photo Taken with His Grandpa & Sisters

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In a rare photo, Jesse Johnson remembered the "progenitor of cool" with a sweet picture of him and his siblings and their late grandfather.

Don Johnson, best known in the 80s for the hit series "Miami Vice," passed down the value of knowing where one comes from to at least three of his children who were spotted in a throwback picture that paid tribute to their grandfather.

Don's son Jesse stood with his sisters Dakota and Grace on a green lawn. Between them stood Wayne Fred Johnson, the kids' grandfather and Don's late father, who passed away in 2017. The post is found below.


Jesse captioned the post:

"Some kids and their grampa. Remembering this guy today. The progenitor of cool in the Johnson fam."

Wayne Fred Johnson was a farmer, but most people know that a tough attitude and hard work is required to work outdoors. Still, the public is more familiar with his famous son Don.


The actor may be making a comeback soon, so fans may have something to look forward to. According to Hollywood Reporter, a revival of the show "Nash Bridges" is on its way to the USA Network.

The show, which starred Don as the leader of a Special Investigation Unit in San Francisco, aired for six seasons on CBS before it ended. The new reports have not yet been confirmed.

However, it goes that there might be a two-hour revival special co-created by Bill Chais and Don. The latter is also the only castmember from the old show expected to make a return.

Don Johson, actor | Photo: Getty Images


The original creator, Carlton Cuse, has no attachment to the reported revival and is currently fulfilling a deal with ABC Studios. Former stars Cheech Marin, Peggy Sandow, James Gammon, Jeff Perry, and Jodi Lyn O'Keefe have given no word on their involvement.

Meanwhile, two of Don's children pictured in the Instagram post have chosen to follow in his footsteps. Dakota, seen on the large red lawnmower, is best known for her role in the romance film trilogy "Fifty Shades of Grey."


Her brother Jesse most recently starred in 2017's "Twin Peaks" and appears in HBO's "The Watchmen." Fans long noticed that he and his dad share a strong resemblance.

From his good looks to his talent and even to his father's famous grin, Jesse is the spitting image of Don in his younger days. Don shares Jesse with ex-partner Patti D'Arbanville.

Don Johnson in his younger days | Photo: Getty Images

The longtime actor has been married five times to four women, and has five children in all. He was married twice to actress Melanie Griffith, and wed his last wife, Kelly Phleger, in 1999.