Amy Roloff Responds to Chris Marek Engagement Rumors

The "Little People, Big World" star, Amy Roloff, was forced to clear the air about her engagement status after a fan hinted that there was an engagement ring on her finger.

Just recently, Amy posted a picture on her Instagram page which had her, boyfriend, Chris Marek, and the rest of his family at their family reunion.

This picture raised a lot of comments, as fans and followers showed great admiration for the family, and also talked about how cute they looked together. One fan, in particular, was quite observant, as she claimed to have seen a ring on Amy’s finger. 

She said:

“Ms. Amy, I spotted a beautiful ring on your finger during your live chat… hmmm???????”

This comment was a trigger, and many began to wonder whether Amy is indeed engaged to Chris.

The LBPW star, however, quickly straightened the facts in her response to the fan. She assured everyone that there was no big announcement yet and that the ring was merely a remake of one she used to wear.

She said:

“No big news, It’s a ring I had remade from a ring I already had on - it’s on my right finger. ?” 


Amy, who began dating Chris after her divorce in 2016, earlier explained to US WEEKLY, that even though she would love to remarry someday, marriage was not something that she was actively pursuing at the moment.

The 54-year-old also spoke about how she believed that marriage was a serious decision and that if she accepted a marriage proposal, she did so with her whole heart. 

Amy is quite love-struck by Chris and often posts pictures with him in it on her Instagram page. They met at a single’s painting party and they kicked off from there after another date together.

She spoke on the LBPW show about how they met and how she found him mesmerizing, so much that she didn’t want their date night to end. She also spoke about how she hoped that he found her as attractive and exciting as she saw him too. The pair have been together for about three years now and are still going strong. 

Amy Roloff is a mom to 4 grown children from her first marriage to ex-husband Matt Roloff, and often makes an appearance on the LBPW show. Although Amy will not be walking down the aisle anytime soon, she and her man still hope for a forever together. 

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