Kelly Clarkson Once Claimed There's 'Nothing Wrong' with Spanking Your Kids

Kelly Clarkson once revealed to a radio station in Rochester, that she spanks her children and finds nothing wrong with it, and her reasons appear valid.

When it comes to spanking, many parents shy away from it as an effective corrective measure, and those who use it would never admit to it publicly.

Kelly Clarkson, however, is a different breed, and not only does she spank her children, but she also acknowledged it openly during an interview in 2018 with a radio station in Rochester.

Clarkson who shares daughter, River Rose, and son, Remington Alexander, with her husband, Brandon Blackstock, said she spanks her older child when she does something wrong.

The singer explained that while she believes in the effectiveness of spanking, she does not strike her little girl hard. It’s more of a gentle tap to send the message that an act or conduct is wrong.

Clarkson acknowledged that many people are not advocates of spanking, and when she spanks her then 3-year-old daughter in public, she gets judgmental looks from strangers.

Despite the looks, the “Love So Soft” singer is not apologetic, and she told the radio station that growing up in Texas, her mother spanked her and permitted her principal to do the same if the singer misbehaved at school.

The mum-of-two who is aware of the negatives associated with the disciplinary act said she turned out alright, and would not apologise for raising her children that way.

Clarkson’s acceptance of spanking did not stop those who disagreed from criticising her. Some called it detrimental to a child’s welfare, while others saw it as an inherently wrong act.

Others opined that it brings about physical fear and breeds aggression, and according to the American Pediatrics Society, spanking brings about poor behaviour and affects a child’s development.

Elizabeth Gershoff, a professor of human development and family sciences at the University of Texas, believes that the disciplinary act do not improve a child’s life but births negativity.

The professor added that it creates mental health problems and leads to aggressive behaviours like biting, kicking, and hitting; it is more common in children that experience spanking from the age of three.

While there’s no study to support that spanking has any positive effect, many individuals like Clarkson experienced it and didn’t exhibit any negatives, and chances are her children won’t too.

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