Brandy's Daughter Sy'rai Looks Just like Mom in Black Mini Dress & Red Jacket

It is hard to forget the singer, Brandy who made most understand the true meaning of love with her magical songs. Her beautiful daughter, Sy’rai Smith recently shared a series of images on her Instagram page, and she looks just like her stunning mother. 

Sy'rai brought a pleasant wave of happiness to her Instagram fans who got to see the gorgeous 17-year-old.


In the image, Sy'ria had on a fitted black gown, a red blazer, a Louis Vuitton bag hanging on her shoulder and her hair was beautifully braided. 

The gorgeous teenager could be seen in the first picture focusing her attention at her feet, or instead, it was an attempt at giving the image an unlooking feel. Regardless of what it was, Sy'ria killed the pose. 

The photo which looked like it was taken at a park of some sort has since garnered thousands of likes. Most of her fans were ecstatic to see an image of the darling, and they couldn't stop gushing about how cute she looks. 

Some others were quick to notice the uncanny resemblance between Sy'ria and her singer mom, Brandy with user @tamica1238, writing, "look just like her mom." 


It's become harder for teenagers and young adults to express their true self when it comes to their body image. With social media and cyberbullying, it is a miracle to find people who are still confident in their looks and body size. 

One of these people is the beautiful Sy'ria, whose size is a bit on the bigger side. 

Sy'ria Smith, during a Live video on Instagram, spoke about being bigger than most of her peers and how she has not let that affect her psyche, she said

“And like me, I’m not the skinniest. But if you really want to change, change because you want to change. Don’t change because other people are saying, ‘You’re a big girl, you’re fat, you’re this, you’re that.’" 

She encouraged girls to be proud of who they are and work on themselves solely because that is what they want and not because of other people's expectations of them. 

Apparently, her beauty is not the only thing the teenager shares in common with her mom; she took after her confidence too. 

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