'America's Got Talent' Winner Darci Lynne: What She Is Doing Now

The very talented ventriloquist and singer has her agenda full until the end of the year with her ‘Fresh Out of the Box’ nationwide tour.

Darci Lynne is not only the youngest and most talented America's Got Talent show winner, but two years later she continues to increase her popularity and grow as an artist.

She won the prestigious competition with 12 years and the video of her golden moment in the show has been seen more than 59 million times and every day increases the number of reproductions. And it is that Darci Lynne's talent is indisputable and impressive.

It has scheduled presentations almost every weekend for the next few months and they had to include new features because with all the tickets sold people asked for more options to see it.

The teenager is also facing the challenge of starting high school in September, however, the tour's commitments have led her to decide to try the homeschooling option, something that makes her a little nervous.

Because Darci Lynne used to be a very shy girl, so much that she had trouble singing in front of her own father and hid behind her mother. Little by little, with the support and encouragement of her family, the girl has left shyness behind.

However, she says that television makes her nervous. Every time she has to appear on television she feels terrified and thinks that she is going to ruin it. So far nothing is further from the truth.

Now she presents herself with more confidence and performs comfortably on stage and out of it. Only two weeks after having turned 10, and having received her first puppet from her parents, she was already performing at a show.


Her talent for singing and for ventriloquism is extraordinary, she practically taught herself in front of the bathroom mirror in her house, but today she doesn't stop practicing regularly to continue improving and achieving better performance every time.

So much so that we have seen her again on the screen of America's Got Talent: The Champions. She is not bored at all. In her presentations, she always sings country, bluegrass, and anything between these two.

She says that her favorite genre is pop and that she would like to one day write her own songs. It is one of her goals and as she has shown, with talent and hard work you can achieve what you want. The effort and dedication always bring great satisfaction, Darci Lynne has known it all her life.

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