NY Post: Faye Dunaway Was Reportedly Fired from 'Tea at Five' Broadway Play

Faye Dunaway reportedly created an atmosphere of danger and hostility behind the scenes of the play “Tea at Five,” causing the production to let go of the actress.

Faye Dunaway had reportedly been fired from “Tea at Five,” a play, making its way to Broadway. The Oscar-winning actress apparently left backstage crew feeling unsafe after she verbally and physically abused crew members, sourced told the New York Post.


The performance on July 10 was canceled last minute because of Dunaway’s inappropriate behavior towards the staff helping her with her wig. She apparently hit and threw objects at the crew and later verbally abused them after the cancellation of the show.

“The producers of  ‘Tea at Five’ announced today that they had terminated their relationship with Faye Dunaway,” read a statement obtained by The Hollywood Reporter. “Plans are in development for the play to have its West End debut early next year with a new actress to play the role of Katherine Hepburn.”

Faye Dunaway. | Source: Getty Images

Faye Dunaway. | Source: Getty Images


According to a source, Dunaway’s behavior was already rude since the beginning. In one instance, she threw a salad given to her for lunch because she was trying to maintain her figure. 

The staff of the show testified against the creator for his rude and unacceptable behavior towards women, inviting them to his house to wear bikinis.

The actress didn’t show up on time for rehearsals, arriving up to two hours late without knowing her lines, even though the script was given to her months before. Insiders also shared that she had a meltdown towards the end of June and had the Huntington Theater’s staff scrub her dressing room floor.


All kinds of abuse are rarely tolerated in the show business industry. Recently, TV veteran Jeff Franklin made headlines for multiple accusations of sexual harassment experienced by writers of “Fuller House.”

The staff of the show testified against the creator for his rude and unacceptable behavior towards women, inviting them to his house to wear bikinis. Some accused him of making racist and sexualized comments. 

Franklin pointed fingers to the person who took his job, Bryan Behar, for scheming behind his back and framing him to steal his high position. He said:

Behar “concocted a plan to compile unflattering and distasteful information about Franklin that was either fabricated or twisted versions of events and presented it first to the media then to Warner Brothers.”

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