July 27, 2019

Michael Learned Credits Starring in ‘The Waltons’ for Saving Her Life after a Terrible Divorce

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In the role he plays at the moment in the series ‘Second Acts' he explores this part of his life and why he does not plan to stop working.

Everyone remembers Michael as the beloved matriarch of 'The Waltons' Olivia Walton. Now more than ever, the recording is celebrating 48th anniversary of having aired for the first time in 1971 until 1981.

Michael says that this interpretation is 'saved his life' because in the middle of the movie she was going through a divorce. She had started drinking too much and was scared because she had been married since she was 17 and had moved to Los Angeles alone.


Her agent sent her to an audition and she was terrified, just scared that she was just standing there shaking. Fortunately, the audition was with Richard Thomas and Ralph Waite who were fabulous with her.

Despite being 14 years younger than the age of the character she had to play, they gave her the role and this contributed to her success. The role helped her not only financially but forced her to keep sober.


Knowing that he could not take care of his children and also do his job on the television show if he had drinks at night and went to sleep in those conditions. The next day could not with everything that would come on top.

So this show forced him to take a load, it was a gift. She had her children in the house and also had the children 'Walton' in the show. It was a difficult time in his life but the work helped him through it.


Ralph Waldo was a support for her. It helps her to be sober. He told her he would go to the AA and she said it was a good idea. To which Ralph, passing his arm over his shoulder, told him that I thought she had to go with him.


She is grateful to Ralph because he has helped in those terrible moments and helped her to remain sober. They became inseparable, they worshiped and their love went beyond. It was true love.


He believes that the secret of the triumph of 'The Waltons' even in these times is that it focuses on the family. Family is important, and it doesn't have to be perfect. Families are not, relatives are not perfect. The relatives will fail and you have to continue.

That is why Olivia has been judged many times, but the message conveyed by "The Walton" is that one must love to love one another, the pass that is given to the family and always to the duties. Anything will face it and move forward.