July 30, 2019

Young Woman Who Wants to Report Her Mom and Sister to Child Protective Services Sparks a Debate

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A 21-year-old woman has started a discussion online after sharing that she wants to report her mother and sister to Child Protective Services because she can't continue doing most of the care of her nephew.

Reddit user Anonsisterforever took to the social forum recently to ask fellow users if she would be wrong to choose to report her mom and sister to Child Protective Services.

"I love my nephew, but I just can't keep doing this. He's only a year old and he's just all over the place."

An upset woman | Photo: Freepik


Seeking help and advice from fellow users of the online forum, the woman wrote:

"My sister is not a good person, whatsoever. I hate saying this about her, but I've put up with her bull for years and it's never ending. She already lost one child that was given permanently to a forever family because my sister was not fit to care for that child at all."

She clarified that her mom has sole guardianship of her sister's youngest child and that her sister had visitation for some time, before finishing steps to move back in.

The woman wrote, "She's not supposed to bring any men (especially the baby's father for specific reasons) around my nephew, but she does. She does this after my mom leaves the home and tries to tell me to not let my mother know."


A sad young woman holding her head | Photo: Freepik

"If I do tell my mom, she says my sister and the baby's father are doing better, and we want to get them ready to be parents again," she added.


Meanwhile, she's caring for this kid since she lives at home. However, for the most part, because she can't work.

Her mother, who is a single parent and is working full time, asked her to watch her nephew, and she's not getting paid to do as such. 

"Even when she's home, I'm still the one doing most of the care," she wrote. "I love my nephew, but I just can't keep doing this. He's only a year old and he's just all over the place. I'm only 21, I can't keep doing this."

Tired young woman speaking on mobile phone | Photo: Freepik


Although she felt so guilty, the next time the social worker visits, she had a feeling that she needs to report all of this.

"Despite his initial needs being met, he'd be removed for my mom allowing my sister to have the men around," she wrote.

Since the woman shared her post, it has accumulated quite a bit of attention. Also, it has received a lot of comments as individuals reveal their opinions.

One user wrote: "No this is a tough situation. It's not only your responsibility here and they're making poor choices against what they're supposed to do."

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"It's not your job to raise a child that isn't yours. Especially at your age. You're being put in a situation you don't deserve," added another.

"You can't work but you are staying home all day and taking care of your sisters kid. You live with your mom and don't contribute to the house, but think you know what to tell CPS? Move out if you don't like how things are with your mom," commented another user.

Someone else wrote, "Why isn't your sister allowed to bring any men around? I'm genuinely confused."