Tori Roloff Shares a Wise Message about God While Cradling Her Growing Baby Bump

Tori Roloff recently took to her official Instagram account to deliver a powerful message about God and how people should embrace Him at all times.

In the shared post, in which she can be seen cradling her baby bump, Tori questions whether people really want God in their lives or value His existence.

According to her, people should believe in God at any given time because He is always there, both in the good and bad times, so His influence should always be valued.

Photo: Instagram/torifoloff

Photo: Instagram/torifoloff

She wrote:

"Do we really want God’s input about our daily life or know what God is thinking about our situation? We need God when we think we have it all together AND we need God when we know we don’t."


Several fans were touched by the message and couldn't help but say they agree with her and that God is always a positive influence in everyone's life.

Not only that, but she was also praised for looking quite beautiful in the photo, which seems to have been taken in the woods on a sunny afternoon.

Photo: Instagram/torifoloff

Photo: Instagram/torifoloff


The post comes just a few days after Tori and Zach Roloff, her husband, celebrated four years as a married couple. The two spent their anniversary cruising around the Willamette river and taking photos of their bridge views.

Zach used his own Instagram page to honor his wife, sharing a gorgeous photo of Tori looking peacefully at the camera. Under the snap, the 29-year-old wrote: "Happy anniversary, Tori. Love you."


Tori, however, went all out and paid tribute to the love of her life by saying that the last four years with Zach have been a gift, and that he has made her a better person.

She also described him as the most caring and thoughtful person she knows and said that she enjoyed seeing him become a better husband and an amazing father.

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