Kim Kardashian Shows off Her Killer Curves for Date Night with Husband Kanye West

Kim Kardashian recently went out on a date night with her rapper husband, Kanye West. Fans think she looks as stunning as always, but they also think Kanye's outfit was inappropriate.

The curvy makeup mogul shared the pictures of herself and Kanye out on a date together a few hours ago, but it has already become so popular.

There are a total of three photos, and they all feature the adorable couple in their glamorous outfit choices.


Kim was the typical Kardashian in an all-black ensemble which included a skin-tight leather crop top and pants. The high-end snakeskin top was designed sleeveless and with small cutouts by its sides. It was just the perfect fit for Kim who never tires of flaunting her enviably toned physique. 

The world-famous reality star brought the look to a perfect finish with her hair styled into a sleek bob and her face sporting makeup excellently done as usual.

It is perhaps Kim's sexy diva look that overshadowed Kanye's because he has now grown rather infamous for looking drab beside her. For their night out, the award-winning rapper wore a huge black sweatshirt, baggy blue pants, and comfy sports shoes.

Compared to his wife's extravagant look, it looked like it'd be better suited for a laid back walk. Kim, however, didn't seem to mind as she boldly made poses for the camera beside Kanye. The mother of four sweetly wrote to caption the photos:

"Date night with my boo using the fire palette.'


Like Kim's other Instagram posts, the photos quickly, which are not even a day old yet, have amassed over 3 million likes and thousands of comments.

While a significant few find the pair merely beautiful, an even more noticeable number of fans bashed Kanye. It quickly became a trend in the comments section as netizens aired their opinions about Kanye's combo.

One, @rishi_nathoo said:

"Did you forget to tell Kanye that it was date night? He looks like I do when I need to make a late-night trip to the shops to pick up some milk and hope I'm not going to bump into anyone I know…"

While another user, @rebamill commented:

"Kim looks amazing. Kanye looks like she picked him up from a nursing home for an outing with the fam."

Kim has not responded to the comments, but, inevitably, she won't like the spiteful comments. If nothing else, the fact that she and Kanye are setting time aside to be together as lovers like this is indeed worthy of compliments.

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