Woman Who Offered to Pay for Her Sister's Abortion but Won't Support the Kid Sparks Debates

Rebelander Basilan
Aug 05, 2019
08:00 A.M.
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A woman caused quite a stir after sharing that she offered her sister to pay for an abortion but won't support the child financially if she keeps it.


Writing to Reddit, user Fruit_Enthusiast shared that her married sister has two kids and that their family struggles financially. Meanwhile, she and her partner are doing well financially and have no children.

"I told them straight forward that I will only give them money for the procedure, but won't be financially supporting them in any other way."

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Recently, her sister told her that she's pregnant again. The problem was, she and her husband didn't have the means to support another child.

"I tried to calm her as much as I could, saying that there will sure be some solution to handle the situation," the woman wrote. "After a while she told me she looked up how much abortions cost and that even if she wanted to, she could not pay for it at the time."

After hearing her sister's plan to undergo an abortion, she immediately offered to help. She told her she would pay for the medical bills coming from that procedure. Her sister then thanked her and said she needs time to think about it.


"Four days later she asked me to come visit again when her husband is home, so we could discuss how to go about it," the woman wrote. "I drove there at the same evening. They greeted me and her husband told me that he's really happy that I decided to help them in a tough time like that."

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However, her sister seems to have changed her mind. She no longer wants to undergo an abortion. Instead, she suggested giving them the money that should be spent on the procedure.

"I was pretty much bewildered," the woman wrote. "I did not offer that. I told them straight forward that I will only give them money for the procedure, but won't be financially supporting them in any other way."

She was surprised when her sister's husband suddenly became enraged. He despised her because she would rather support her sister's abortion than just support the child to have a good life. She was overwhelmed by the situation and just decided to leave.


The next day, she received a text from her sister and rebuked her for her decision. Her sister also informed the rest of the family about it, and they were displeased with her as well. They believed that if she really wants to help, she can do it easily, pointing out that she doesn't need all that money.

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Since she shared her predicament on Reddit, she has received many comments from other users.

One person wrote, "You are not the father of this baby and you have no obligation to support it or pay for the termination procedure. It's generous of you to offer to pay for the procedure if she chooses to have it. Otherwise, it's on her and her husband to figure things out."

"You don't owe her anything," added another. "Exactly. It's this entitled attitude that many people now have that if I live comfortably and you don't, I somehow owe you."

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"Childless people were not put on this earth to support entitled parents," commented another user. "I can't even imagine the pure gall of these people to ask in the first place."

One user advised that she should tell her sister's husband that "he needs to man up and take care of [his] family."