Residents of Elderly Care Home Thrilled to Dip Their Feet in the Sea Using Special Wheelchairs

An elderly care facility treated some of its residents for a trip to the beach. The home shared lovely pictures of a couple dipping their toes in the water.

Margaret Pullen, 84, and Richard Henry, 88, were photographed as they were pushed into the sea in specialized wheelchairs.

The couple was some of the residents from an elderly care home who had the pleasure of dipping their toes at the Swansea Bay beach.

A couple of images were shared on Facebook. In the photos, the couple was seen gasping and smiling as the waves splashed against their feet in their wheelchairs.

The Swn-y-Mor Care Centre in Port Talbot, Wales hired the DeBug wheelchairs for a week last year to test them out on their residents. They eventually decided to raise funds to purchase two of them for the home.

One of the people who volunteered to push the elderly residents was Joe Gage, 23. He’s an Osprey's Rugby club member who had no issue delighting the residents by taking them to the beach.

The caption on the posts revealed that after the beach visit the residents were treated to games in the garden. Tata steel employees and Gage was on hand to make the event fun as seen in the images.

The residents had a chance to play golf and basketball. Another picture showed resident, Muriel, keeping warm with a blanket on her lap as Gage pushed her across the beach in a wheelchair.

Care home manager Sharon Williams said:  

“They just absolutely love them, just to be able to put their toes back in the water and feel the water on their feet. We’ve had inquiries from all over the world asking where we bought the wheelchairs from because there’s so many places that would like to use them as well.”

A photo taken on Saturday at the Weezer concert at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot went viral on social media.

The image taken by Kate Marthaler and shared on Facebook showed a woman in a wheelchair being hoisted up by fellow attendees. 

The picture showed how the group of men held the woman up on their shoulders so she could see the stage. Marthaler also revealed in the comments that the men bopped the woman up and down to the beat of the music.

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