Man Recovers Late Wife's Wedding Ring That He Had Lost While on Vacation

Bettina Dizon
Aug 02, 2019
02:30 A.M.

Patrick Waddell turned to Facebook after losing his late wife’s wedding ring, and surely, the social media medium did not disappoint. Days later, an anonymous person found and returned the rings.


After he lost his wife, Sheri, to colon cancer, Patrick Waddell decided to wear their wedding rings, clasped together as a necklace, for the rest of his life. But on Saturday, the rings went missing as he and his two daughters were in Myrtle Beach.

“I know that’s hard for some people to understand,” he said. “But Sheri lives in my heart. I love my rings, but if I never found them, it’s not like I lost her. You got to let go, and let God. I just knew they would find their way back.”



The single dad sought help from Facebook through a post which went viral. Days after, the rings did make their way back to the 43-year-old. A person who wished to remain anonymous find the jewelry in Graham Golf Cars parking lot and returned them.

Before the rings became a necklace, Waddell wore his wife’s ring on his pinkie finger but decided to have them redone after getting caught in everything.


Once again, Waddell turned to Facebook, but this time to share the good news. Because of his viral post which reached the lad who found the rings, Waddell was able to be contacted. The rings, however, are quite deformed yet still clasped together.


“I can foresee a jeweler asking to fix them and them well again. To which I’ll say the rings are like a marriage. They’re real. They aren’t perfect, but every flaw tells a story.” he wrote.


Before the rings became a necklace, Waddell wore his wife’s ring on his pinkie finger but decided to have them redone after getting caught in everything. His deep love for his wife goes beyond the rings, and losing them was but an opportunity to remember his wife again.

“Sheri lit up a room. Everyone wanted to talk to her,” Waddell told TODAY. “There isn’t a moment I don’t think about her in some way.”


Rings are often a symbol of something, be it love or promise. Dionjhae Thomas from Louisiana had a different meaning for the ring her father gave her when she graduated. Thomas’ father placed a ring on his daughter's left finger and told her not only to replace it with a wedding ring one day.

The video of the father’s gift became viral on social media and gained diverse reactions from people. However, the father and daughter knew that the ring was unique and meaningful, and ended with a sweet hug.

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