Amy Roloff Urges Fans to Appreciate Moments before They ‘Slip Away’ after Visiting Her Parents

The matriarch of the Roloff family has recently taken to her official Instagram account to share a very sweet picture of herself with her parents.

Amy Roloff decided to show her millions of fans and followers a little more about two of the most important people in the world for her, and what it meant to spend time with them.

According to Amy, her trips to Michigan are always moments that she can take with her to Oregon, especially now that her parents are getting older.

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In the heartfelt post, where she can be seen smiling while having lunch with her mother and father, the "Little People, Big World" star wrote:

"This time the moments meant so much more - maybe because I’m not so sure when the next time I’ll get to share a day, a conversation, a meal ... with my Mom and Dad."

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My trips to Michigan now,ever since I left and moved to get married 31 years ago, are about moments I can cherish and take back w/ me to Oregon. It’s like having a little piece of Michigan with me all the time. 🌻💙🏡💙🌻. This time the moments meant so much more- maybe because I’m not so sure when the next time I’ll get to share a day, a conversation, a meal ... w/ my Mom and Dad. As I get older and look back and see how much time has gone by to how many days I have to look forward to - not so much the # of days but more in being sure I’m grateful for the moment I have right now. I’m so thankful I just got to hang out w/ my parents, and just be with them. I loved that Chris was by my side and able to come out again and share in the moment and hang out w/ me too. Sharing, gathering, thankful for now. ❤️🌻 Moments, no matter what goes on or happens in your life, good and bad, happy or unhappy, I think there is always room to gather... to love, have hope, know Joy, forgiveness, embrace, agree, disagree, love more... to make meaningful moments. Because they matter, have value and purpose in our life. I’m thankful I got to make more moments with my mom and dad to bank in my memory and Chris was w/ me. ❤️😊❤️ My mom is hanging in there. She’s still able to get around a little - she’s determined and her mind is strong but her body is weak. Just try to take time to appreciate moments everyday before they slip away. Love to you all 🌻❤️😊❤️🌻 #amyroloffssecondact #michigangirl #lovemyfamily #travelswithamyandchris

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Amy shared some of her wisdom and claimed that, as she grows older as well, she has come to realize how important it is to be grateful for such special moments.

Not only that, but Amy's visit to Michigan was also special because her boyfriend, Chris Marek, accompanied her on the trip, for which she was very grateful.

She said:

"I loved that Chris was by my side and able to come out again and share in the moment and hang out with me too. Sharing, gathering, thankful for now."


To the 54-year-old, it doesn't matter what happens in one's life because all the moments - good, bad, happy or sad - are important, and there is always room to love, hope, forgive, agree and disagree. 

According to Amy, although her mother's mind is still strong, her body is getting weaker, which is why she chooses to appreciate these little moments as much as she can.

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What a fun flight from Portland to Michigan. Sometimes the person next to you is interested in having a conversation, sometimes not. Or maybe we’re just tired and would rather be left alone. But sitting so close to someone I always wonder- what’s the reason they are flying? Where are they going? Who are they? And on and on. Sitting next to this woman was a treat. She is 90, was a librarian for years, a story teller and from the Natchez MS area. And I’ve been there. We had such a lovely interesting conversation. I didn’t want it to end. It was such a delight meeting her and made the almost 4 hour flight to Michigan fly by 😊 or too short. I’m glad I’m here just hanging out with my Mom and Dad. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 🌻💗😊💗🌻 #amyroloffssecondact #flyingpassenger #gather... #goodconversation #thepeopleyoumeet #amazing #opportunities

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Despite the dispute with ex-husband Matt over the farm, Amy has plenty of reasons to smile. Not only has she found love but she will also soon welcome another grandchild since Tori Roloff is pregnant for a second time.

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