Gabourey Sidibe Shows Some Skin in Off-Shoulder Ankara Dress after Weight Loss

Gabourey Sidibe proudly shows off her slimmer physique in an Ankara dress after years of trying to be in her best shape. 

Gabourey Sidibe has always been proud of her roots, as she's been wearing a lot of pieces that show off her African descent. A couple of times, she's shown off her red bag in the shape of Africa, but this time, she decided to wear it with an off-shoulder Ankara dress. 

The Ankara fabric originated from Nigeria in West Africa. While it became popular in 2010 around the world as people began taking interest in it, it has existed for many years. Its patterns are mostly tribal and consist of bright colors.

Promoting Africa through Fashion 

Meanwhile, her red bag in the shape of the African continent has been a staple in a lot of her photos, clearly signifying her pride as an African. It was created by Orijin, a brand that creates African-inspired fashion. Of course, as they promote Africa, all of their items are handmade on the continent. 

For most of her life, Sidibe considered herself to be overweight. However, thanks to the effort she's put in through the years and the bariatric surgery she underwent in 2016, she has been making significant progress. 

A Change in Lifestyle

Of course, this included lifestyle changes, including meal plans and an exercise routine that keep her in top shape. 

Thanks to her dedication toward living a healthier lifestyle, there's been significant changes in her old and new photos. Her curves are a lot more visible now, and it's clear that she's become more confident in showing off her progress. 

To her, losing weight wasn't to impress her fans. It was for Gab to be able to live a normal life. While it might not be much for some, her weight hindered her from comfortably walking in heels, from doing a cartwheel, and even walking up a flight of stairs. 

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