Jennifer Lopez Brings Her Daughter Emme to Pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Legendary singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez, was spotted in Jerusalem for pilgrimage. She went to the Western Wall to pray, along with her daughter, Emme, wearing a white shirt that was unbuttoned down to her chest.

The star, who performed her Tel Aviv Show in Israel the previous night, enjoyed a pleasant family outing touring the Holy City.

Jennifer Lopez and her family toured the Holy Land of Jerusalem on Friday, after performing in Tel Aviv the night before.

The iconic singer was pictured alongside her daughter, in stunning photos as they arrived at the Western Wall of Jerusalem, which is reputed as one of the most sacred sites in the world.

Also present at the tour was her fiancee, Alex Rodriguez, her son Max, her sister Lynda and her longtime Manager, Beni Medina. A trail of armed bodyguards accompanied this company of pilgrims.

The trip to Israel fell within the singer’s ongoing “It’s My Party” tour, which has occasioned her to perform in various countries.

The 50-year-old turned heads in her white shirt, which had a few buttons lose down to her chest, and revealed her cleavage. She paired the shirt with denim pants and white tennis while sporting tinted sunglasses. 

JLo and her baseball beau shared pictures from the fun outing on social media. Some of the posts featured the touring family enjoying jolly donkey rides, while others showed them meditating prayerfully.

The actress shared a series of images on Instagram stories, and one of the photos displayed several hands, touching the Holy Wall. In another, her beau was seen touching the wall meditatively.

The actress’s son, Max also got his moment, as he was pictured saying a special prayer, with hands and head on the wall.

Not much of his face was seen, but the next image made up for it, with the 9-year-old and his producer mom, sharing a Camel ride. The star captioned the post saying:

“Reconnecting with faith and family at the Via Dolorosa and the church of the holy sepulcher.”

In another post, she and the former Yankee were pictured on a donkey together. She captioned it:

“Oh just riding a camel on a Saturday afternoon.”

The producer was not alone in her photo-sharing spree. Her fiancee also shared pics from the Israel tour on Instagram, featuring his beautiful children.

The singer’s Manager revealed that their trip to Israel was met with resistance from the Anti-Israel Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement, who kept pressing for a cancellation of the sated concert.

But he opined that despite the pressure, nothing could have stopped them from being in Israel.

JLo was not the first celebrity that has faced resistance from the BDS movement to cancel a concert in Israel. Rock ‘n’ roll artist, Bon Jovi was met with similar opposition on July 25, but the artist did not succumb to the pressure.

However, when faced with such pressure in early September, Singer Lana Del Rey was forced to cancel her Tel Aviv concert.

With the place of music in world peace being threatened, it is up to music artists to unite in one voice and say that “music does not divide.”

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