'Baywatch' – Where the Cast of This Legendary Drama Is Now

Even though the series ended almost two decades ago, it remains a favorite for an entire generation, and it has gained new relevance with its 2017 theatrical remake. This is what has become of some of the original stars.

“Baywatch” was king of television for the entire 1990s, and during its run, dozens of actors and actresses appeared as regulars, recurrent characters, and guest stars, making it an unforgettable show. Here is what has become of some of them.


Played Casey Jean “C.J.” Parker. She is 52 years old now. With 111 episodes, Anderson is one of the longest-running cast members of the series (seasons 3 to 8).

She recently made an appearance in the 2017 “Baywatch” film, although a younger actress portrayed her former role this time. The actress has taken part in “Dancing with the Stars” and similar versions of the competition show in different countries.

Most recently, Anderson has made headlines because of her dramatic split with 33-year-old French soccer star Adil Rami, whom she accuses of both cheating and abusing her during their relationship of two years.

David Hasselhoff. I Image: Getty Images.

David Hasselhoff. I Image: Getty Images.


Played the role of the team’s indisputable leader Mitch Buchannon for 220 episodes, making him the longest-running cast member of the series. He is 67 years old now.

Known as “The Hoff,” he has grown a cult following around the world and has played himself on several films. In the 2017 “Baywatch” film Hasselhoff appears as a mentor to his former character, now played by Dwayne Johnson.

Hasselhoff was well known in both Austria and Germany years before “Baywatch” debuted, not as an actor but as a singer. He still enjoys huge popularity in these two countries. 


The role of Hobie Buchannon, Mitch’s son, was initially played by Brandon Call, but once Jackson, now 38 years old, took over the character, he stayed in the series almost until its ending.

Although he had some success as a child actor before the series and won the audition over Leonardo DiCaprio, his career slowed down considerably after he left the show. According to his Instagram profile, he currently works as a life coach.

Carmen Electra. I Image: Getty Images.

Carmen Electra. I Image: Getty Images.


The former “Playboy Playmate” only appeared on one season of the series, playing Lani McKenzie for 22 episodes, but she made a deep impact on the audience and her name is still strongly associated with the show.

Now 47 years old, she has worked in several parody films and has played herself in many opportunities. Since the 1996 issue of “Playboy” put her on the map she went on to appear in the magazine four additional times.

Jason Momoa. I Image: Getty Images.

Jason Momoa. I Image: Getty Images.


Currently at the peak of his career, few seem to remember or recognize 40-year-old Momoa from his days in “Baywatch,” where he played his debut role Jason Ioane for Seasons 10 and 11.

He certainly looks much different today, and recently portrayed the classic DC superhero “Aquaman,” as well as appearing on the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones” and “Conan.”

David Charvet. I Image: Facebook/ David Charvet.

David Charvet. I Image: Facebook/ David Charvet.


He played Matt Brody for four seasons. Charvet is 47-year-old now. After leaving the series he starred in “Melrose Place” for two years. Since 1999 he has focused on his music career, but still acts occasionally.

He was married to TV host and model Brooke Burke for seven years before the two announced their divorce in 2018.

Nicole Eggert. I Image: Getty Images.

Nicole Eggert. I Image: Getty Images.


She played Summer Quinn during Seasons 3 and 4. Eggert is now 47-year-old. The actress also reprised the role in the 2003 TV movie “Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding.”

While she sometimes makes appearances on TV shows and TV movies, she is mostly dedicated to being a mother, as her social media show.


He played Cody Madison from Seasons 6 to 10, for a total 86 episodes. Chokachi is now 51 years old and still works as an actor. With more than 50 acting credits, he recently appeared on “Sensory Perception.”

Michael Newman. I Image: YouTube/ Michael Newman.

Michael Newman. I Image: YouTube/ Michael Newman.


The only actual lifeguard on the show, 62-year-old Michael Newman was supposed to be just a consultant, but he ended up appearing in 150 episodes of the series, with only Hasselhoff and Jackson having more appearances, playing a character with his very same name.

He was also a firefighter and a professional surfer. He asked to be written off the show in 1993. Newman currently works in real estate and has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

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